JudicialPaedos.org Invited To Kill Master Eastman

Andrew Wardle, the owner of this website and tireless campaigner to eliminate corruption, criminality and Satanic paedophilia from the British courts, has received an extraordinary communication through the snail mail.

On 27th June 2019, I opened the door to find an envelope with a hand-written address and a postage stamp bearing Lizzie the Leech’s evil head. Extremely unusual. The only things which ever land on my floor are bills from commercial entities and useless spam. Literally no-one ever sends anything to me with hand-written envelopes or evil Lizzie postage stamps.

Just in case you are the only person in the world who hasn’t heard this – why do they put Lizzie the Leech’s head on postage stamps? Because if they put her arse on the stamps, nobody would lick them. Boom, boom. Right, now back to business.

I opened the envelope wondering what in the name of God could be inside. There were two pieces of paper, in odd shapes as they had obviously been torn from a sheet. The first bore the words “Kill him”, and, for some reason, my address. I wondered just for a moment if some joker was actually telling me to kill myself, but they weren’t. The other piece of paper bore the words “Master Eastman’s address is…..” followed by Master Eastman’s address. Then came the words “Shoot him please.”

For those who don’t know, Master Eastman is the corrupt child rapist who pollutes Room E116 at the so-called “Royal Courts of Justice”, more correctly known as the “Royal” Courts of Corruption, Criminality and Paedophilia. In January 2017, he committed two outrageous perversions of the course of justice to aid and abet a local authority whose chief executive and management organization were torturing and attempting to kill an innocent disabled human being.

Eastman knew perfectly well that the local authority had filed dishonest witness statements appended with false statements of truth, and that they had submitted fraudulent and falsified evidence to cover up the criminal and tortious acts of their so-called “Housing Choice & Resettlement Team Leader.” Nevertheless, he dismissed the claim against them having been paid to do so, and even declared it to be totally without merit. As these hearings are “private room appointments” and the judgments are never recorded, bent junior judges such as Eastman can commit any judicial perversion they like. Of course, this blatantly contravenes a litigant’s Article 6 rights, but no-one even cares.

Eastman then stole, yes STOLE, application papers from the West Green building. These were application papers which had been filed for the attention of a full High Court judge. Eastman just pilfered them, and perverted the course of justice again in yet another claim to protect the same contemnors.

Of course, he had been paid by the contemnors to do this, as the papers proved beyond doubt that fraudulent and falsified evidence had been filed in the County Court at Northampton. Bent circus judge Ally Hampton had engineered a colossal judicial perversion in that court, and it was the Part 81 contempt papers arising from that perversion which Eastman misappropriated. One Satanic paedophile protects another, protects another, protects another. That is par for the course in Britain’s sick, diseased legal system.

When the appeals from Eastman’s own perversions went to a full High Court judge, they went to corrupt child rapist Nicholas Lavender. On 16th May 2017, Nick the Nonce perverted the course of justice in four claims and five applications on the same day. He did so to protect the contemnors, to protect Hampton, to protect Eastman, and, of course, because the Satanic paedophile ring which controls the public authorities in Northampton had paid him to do so.

I have scanned the extraordinary mail I received and reproduced it below. Sadly, I need to redact Master Eastman’s address, otherwise I could just be breaking several laws. Apart from the fact that Eastman’s address has been obscured, the items I received are reproduced exactly as I received them.

Master Eastman

Will I be shooting or killing Eastman? No. Apart from the fact it is illegal, Eastman is only a minor player in the judicial corruption, criminality and Satanic paedophilia which is endemic in all of Britain’s courts and legal system. There are even more despicable characters in higher positions of authority, who deliberately place sexual deviants and grubby immoral perverts like Eastman into positions where they can take bribes and destroy lives for a reason. If you have a paedophile on your staff, you own them. You can get them to do anything you want, because if they don’t, you expose them and get rid of them. Employing paedophiles is a control mechanism.

So, the obvious question is, who would send such material through the snail mail? I don’t believe it will be another victim of Eastman’s judicial perversions, because I have received contacts from the victims of judicial perversions before, and they are always happy to communicate by email and to give their name. Only someone who is seriously frightened would dig deep into a website to discover a postal address, and then send anonymous snail mail.

I believe the material was sent by one of Eastman’s rape victims, or, possibly, the family of one of Eastman’s rape victims. Just as an outsider, it could be someone who knows where Eastman rapes children and sees the effects of what he is doing. Even in that case, though, I believe they would have come forward without being anonymous. No, this is someone with the most direct connection possible to Eastman’s crimes, who is mentally oppressed and too petrified to come forward and tell what they know in person.

That is understandable. Satanic child abuse victims are often murdered if they do speak out. Eastman, Lavender, Etherton and their cronies have contacts in high places, including Lizzie’s Buckingham Palace criminal gang and the Parliamentary paedophiles. Very few victims are in a mental state to speak out, and even fewer will do so even when a media opportunity is presented to them. It probably took a great deal of mental bravery to even write that anonymous note and send it to a webmaster in a distant town.

I will probably never know the answer, but, if anyone has any more information they are welcome to contact me. I will do everything I can to help the abuse survivor get appropriate help, and I will offer whatever assistance is desired in getting their story out into the open. Publicity itself can be a healing tool, although it takes extreme courage to avail yourself of it. Stay safe, and please get the help you need.

David Gauke MP (the Lord Chancellor), Richard Keen (“Lord Keen of Elie”), Robert Buckland QC MP, Paul Maynard MP, and Edward Argar MP (the MPs responsible for overseeing the Ministry of Justice), and Susan Acland-Hood, the chief executive of the Courts and Tribunals Service, are all aware of the envelope I have received, and its contents. They are also aware that Eastman is part of a Satanic paedophile ring which controls the Royal Courts of Justice, and which routinely perverts judicial claims to aid and abet other Satanic paedophiles at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Do they care? We will see. I am in the process of writing to them to elicit their comments, and any comments which are received will be published on JudicialPaedos.org.