High Court Judge Nicholas Lavender Jeffrey Epstein Connection

Corrupt Satanic ritual child abuser and High Court judge The Honourable Mr Justice Lavender, usually known as Nick the Nonce, is frightened now as he has never been frightened before. The Jeffrey Epstein case has hit the front pages of newspapers all over the world, and is being broadcast on everything from the fake US corporate media to the British Savile-worshipping BBC to whichever YouTube channels haven’t been censored or taken down this week. Paedophiles are, at long, long, last, in the spotlight and being revealed for what they are.

None of this is good news for The Honourable Mr Justice Lavender, who, like so many other paedophiles before and alongside him, just never believed he was ever going to get caught. Why should he? He was appointed to his position by the same Lizzie the Leech which knighted Savile, protected Chas the Jug and murdered Di Spencer, and he has the protection of the same Masonic lodges and paedophile rings which protect Parliamentary paedophiles such as Bliar and Broon, and can even pervert the course of justice for them as a thank you.

Of course, it is those same Parliamentary paedophiles which have the connection to Jeffrey Epstein. They accepted bribe money from Epstein to get his fellow paedophile Jes Staley installed as chief executive at Barclays, and that is only one among many interactions. Epstein is effectively the unelected leader of Great Britain, along with those who pull his puppet strings and operate the blackmail machine for which he is the front, and the equally vile old hag Lizzie the Leech.

For those who are not familiar with The Honourable Mr Justice Lavender, I’d better give you some background. In November and December 2016, the corrupt circus judge, Freemason and paedophile Alison “Nine-bob Note” Hampton perverted the course of justice in three claims in the County Court at Northampton. Hampton has a monthly retainer arrangement with both Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire Police to pervert the course of justice in any claim which they cannot defend honestly, and two of the claims were against the local authority.

Hampton had been made aware, in advance of the hearings, that Northampton Borough Council had filed dishonest witness statements signed with false statements of truth, and had submitted fraudulent and falsified evidence. Hampton, of course, didn’t care, and perverted the course of justice to aid and abet the contemnors. The third claim was against a private company known as Ingeus (UK) Ltd, whose child rapist chief executive Jack Sawyer is part of the same network of Masonic lodges and paedophile rings as Simon Edens, the corrupt Freemason and paedophile former Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police. Edens was in Cambridgeshire Police in 2002, and was the real Soham murderer. Sawyer had paid Ally Hampton, through Hampton’s Masonic connections to Edens, to have the course of justice perverted.

Northampton Borough Council also submitted the same fraudulent and falsified evidence to the High Court at the so-called “Royal Courts of Justice”, really the “Royal” Courts of Corruption, Criminality and Paedophilia. Master Eastman, the child rapist junior judge based in Room E116, knew that the evidence had been falsified, but deliberately perverted the course of justice to aid and abet the contemnors. He later misappropriated application papers which had been filed to a High Court judge from the West Green building, and perverted the course of justice once again.

When the appeals from all of this corruption, collusion and criminality went into the full High Court, they went to Nick the Nonce Lavender. He perverted the course of justice in four claims and five applications on the same day (16th May 2017), including two sets of Part 81 proceedings brought following the submission of the fraudulent and falsified evidence. Nick didn’t bother to invent any fairy stories to cover up for his collusion, as he doesn’t need to. In Britain’s kangaroo courts, there are “unrecorded” judgments which simply disappear into the ethers. The whole system is so corrupt no-one even cares.

Nick also made a malicious and criminal order preventing the victim of his judicial perversions from having access to the court for two years. He deliberately wrote the wrong postal address on the order so that it would not reach the victim and could not be appealed in time, he ticked the box next to ‘Court of Appeal’ in the list of courts in which the victim would not be able to make applications, even though a High Court judge has no such authority, and he did not include a date until which the order would remain in effect. This alone renders it otiose and illegal.

Nicholas Lavender Fake Order
Corrupt High Court Judge and Satanic ritual abuser of children Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender produces a malicious and blatantly illegal order to cause further harm to the victim of his crimes. Note that Nick has deliberately used the wrong address, banned the victim from using the Court of Appeal when a High Court judge has no such authority, and deliberately omitted a date until which the order will remain in effect. This alone renders it otiose and illegal.

In the last month, interesting events have started to happen. A corrupt, although completely stupid, lawyer representing the Government Legal Department issued a threat against a hosting company in the United States of America, ordering that this site and several others be taken off line. The web hosts did not give in to the bullying, and the sites are still online. What is most interesting is that the only judge who is mentioned by name as having procured the bullying is none other than Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender.

Nicholas Lavender Harassment
A pathetic excuse for a Letter Before Claim sent by a bent lawyer purportedly representing the Judicial Office for England and Wales. Note that the only judge mentioned by name is corrupt Satanic child rapist Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender.

What is even more interesting is the timing. Within THREE DAYS of Jeffrey Epstein being arrested in New York, Lavender and his cronies incite a pathetic, useless bent lawyer to attack these websites, even though these websites have been online for several years (in the case of http://www.ignoramus-abuse.org/ since 2015) and even though these sites have always named Nick and outed his criminal judicial perversions since he carried them out in May 2017.

Is this a coincidence? I suppose it is technically possible, but we all know it isn’t. Nick the Nonce Lavender has launched this attack at this specific time because he is directly linked to Jeffrey Epstein, and because he knows that evidence of his child raping is about to come out. He wants to destroy anything which can be found online which provides further evidence of his criminal activity, whether it be paedophilia or simply the perversion of judicial claims.

Sorry, Nick, it is not going to work. The sites are staying online, and your Satanic child raping activity and your criminal perversions of the course of justice are going to be publicly available for good. It is the public who pay their taxes to subsidize a judicial system which is supposed to deliver fair and principled justice, and it is therefore the public to whom I owe a duty of care. If I report what I have gone through at the hands of bent kiddie fiddlers like Nick, maybe the next generation won’t have to.

The web hosting companies are not going to cave in and remove honest news reports just to aid and abet Satanic child rapists. Even if they did, I have the sites backed up several times, and a contingency plan to quickly get hosting in a country with even stronger Freedom of Speech laws than the USA. Even in the extremely unlikely event that the sites went away, they would soon be back.

I should also point out that all of the documentary evidence of Nick’s crimes is uploaded in the cloud on servers in multiple countries. Other people who hate paedophiles and who want to see the return of the Rule of Law to the British courts have access. If Nick, Eastman, Terry Etherton, or any of the other Royal Courts of Justice child rapists want to do to me what Lizzie did to Di Spencer, they should know that it will have no effect other than to reveal their sick criminality still further and hasten their demise.

Oh, I should point out that Nick has also lied to the Metropolitan Police in an attempt to get this website harmed. That didn’t work either. Now that Edens has gone, I am seeing a definite reluctance on the part of police forces to aid and abet Freemasons and paedophiles in perverting the course of justice in the criminal courts.

Nicholas Lavender Lies To Police
Why did the Metropolitan Police respond to an email which was never sent to them? Because corrupt Satanic child rapist and bent judge Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender had forwarded my Letter Before Claim to them and told them a fairy story.

You’re running out of friends, Nick, and you are running out of time. Whatever you have been doing with Jeffrey Epstein, whether it is “just” raping children on his island, or whether it is human blood sacrifices of innocent children to please Lucifer, or whether it is perverting the course of justice to aid and abet child rapists in stealing more of the public’s tax money, or using the Family Court to take harmless children from their families so they can be sold to the paedophile rings, or all of the above, know that the evidence will come out.

Nicholas Lavender Jeffrey Epstein
What have you been doing, Nick? Whatever it is, it is going to come out now that your mate Epstein is headline news.

Cell phones, video cameras and audio recorders were used on Epstein Island. There is a mountain of evidence. The Patriots have it all. As Q has repeatedly said, these people are stupid. Let them stay that way. There will be many more posts and news reports on Nick the Nonce Lavender as the cases progress.

Trump2020. WWG1WGA. Enjoy the show.