Ministry of Justice Satanic Paedophiles Threaten

As has been reported and proven on the static page at, has come under attack from cowards and paedophile protectors at a governmental level. A bent lawyer representing corrupt Satanic child rapist High Court Judge Nicholas Lavender, and purportedly the Judicial Office for England and Wales, has attempted to bully and threaten web hosting providers in the United States of America into removing this site.

It has not worked. The sites are still here. Even if the US hosting companies had caved in, I would simply have moved my sites to a new host in a country which has even stronger Freedom of Speech laws than the US. To their great credit, they did not give in and I did not have to move my sites, but I retain information on record in case a contingency plan is ever needed.

All the bent lawyers have succeeded in doing is making themselves look extremely silly. I will now publish below a further purported “letter before claim” which was sent to me by Caroline Clements, the same useless and apparently untrained lawyer who authored the drivel which was sent to the web hosting companies. As you can see, it is so puerile and pathetic that a first-year law student would be ashamed of it. Why are they doing this? If they seriously want to attack web hosting providers and cause nuisance to publishers, why don’t they at least spend a few bob on a half-decent lawyer who could at least produce a letter before claim which sounded serious?

Government Legal Department Puerile Threat
The Government Legal Department’s pitiful non-compliant excuse for a “Letter Before Claim.” The question is, who procured the thuggery? Was it just Nick the Nonce, or are the Ministry of Justice MPs involved in Satanic ritual child abuse?

I honestly don’t know the answer. Whether this is all just a time-wasting exercise, or whether there is some hidden venom in the veiled and totally unspecified threat to take some kind of “action” remains to be seen. I have to take it seriously, as these are Satanic child rapists with connections to Lizzie the Leech, paedophiles in Parliament, Jeffrey Epstein, and the Bush/Clinton/Obama cabal in the USA. They will stop at nothing to hide evidence of their crimes, as Di Spencer, Jill Dando, Seth Rich and many others would tell you if you could reach them through a medium.

Anyway, I will also publish my own response below, to make sure that everything is completely in the open and in the public domain.

Response To Government Legal Department Puerile Threat
My response to the Government Legal Department’s puerile and stupid fake “Letter Before Claim.” Any further attacks will be reported on this site

The question is, who really incited Clements to make these threats? If you take the puerile letters before claim at face value, it was Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender, whom Clements laughingly calls “The Honourable Mr Justice Lavender”, the Judicial Office for England and Wales, and the Ministry of Justice.

If that was true, it would mean that David Gauke MP (the Lord Chancellor), Richard Keen (“Lord Keen of Elie”), Robert Buckland QC MP, Paul Maynard MP, and Edward Argar MP (the MPs responsible for overseeing the Ministry of Justice), and Susan Acland-Hood, the chief executive of the Courts and Tribunals Service, are all guilty of criminal harassment. Before I make that statement as a statement of fact, however, I would need to be convinced that they had indeed procured the vile threatening behavior of Clements.

There are other possibilities. Let’s be honest – Nick the Nonce Lavender is a Satanic child rapist, a criminal perverter of judicial proceedings, and a depraved, unprincipled thug. What do you think he has in the way of moral scruples? Exactly. There is every possibility that Nick the Nonce has pretended that he has the backing of the Ministry of Justice to make his desperate attacks on web hosting providers and myself appear more forceful and credible.

To a degree, it worked. My upstream hosting provider, or at least one employee of my upstream hosting provider, did say that the Judicial Office “appeared to be serious.” Actually, to anyone versed in the law, they appear to be a bunch of clowns who can’t write a letter before claim properly, but you can’t expect a US resident who is not a trained attorney to see through this type of fake bravado in quite the same way.

Nick and his cronies must know, however, that this kind of farcical fake letter before claim is not going to have any effect on me other than to make me say “why can’t these sickos write letters properly?” So, what are they trying to do? I think the question is its own answer. They are trying to provoke uncertainty by making veiled and unspecified threats. It will not work. Yes, I’m sure they will try something. They are, after all, desperate. However, if this is the best they can do, it is like chucking a powder puff at an oncoming military tank.

So, did the Lord Chancellor and his mates in the Ministry of Justice really order a bent lawyer to produce a Beano-standard letter before claim, or is Nick the Nonce misusing their title to try to stop his own sinking ship from going down quite so fast? Only the Ministry of Justice knows the answer, and they are remaining completely silent, as is my own Member of Parliament Andrew Lewer MP.

This is nowhere near good enough. David Gauke MP needs to state unequivocally, and in plain and simple terms, whether he personally incited a bent lawyer to threaten web hosting providers in another country, and to send harassing but ultimately silly letters before claim to a publisher of factual news reports, in order to protect Satanic ritual child abusers and serial perverters of judicial claims in the courts for which he has ultimate responsibility, or whether he did not. If he did, then he is a morally degenerate criminal and his resignation is needed with the utmost urgency.

If, on the other hand, he did not, then Nick the Nonce has committed misconduct in his public office which goes even further beyond his child raping and his accepting of corrupt payments to pervert judicial proceedings. He will have unlawfully misrepresented his own employer by telling a fairy story that this employer was complicit in his own harassment and threatening behavior. This should result in Nick being removed from his judicial position, although this would certainly not obviate the necessity for a full investigation into his multiple other heinous crimes and atrocities against children.

Either way, it is essential that the Ministry of Justice makes a statement and lets the public know of its position. I will be writing a direct, open letter to the Lord Chancellor in the coming week, and I will publish both the letter and any response which is forthcoming on