Civil Appeals Office Criminals Pervert The Course Of Justice Again

The Civil Appeals Office is part of the Court of Appeal at the so-called “Royal Courts of Justice”, more correctly known as the “Royal” Courts of Corruption, Criminality and Paedophilia. It is therefore directly responsible to the Master of the Rolls, the second-highest ranked judge in the English and Welsh courts, who happens to be at the present time the Rt. Hon. Sir Terence Etherton. Sadly, as the evidence I will now present proves, Terry the Perv Etherton is a criminal perverter of judicial proceedings, a bent judge, and a serial child rapist.

I have had serious problems with Terry before. In 2018, an appeal went into the Court of Appeal from a perversion carried out by child rapist circus judge Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings, to aid and abet Satanic paedophile Jack Sawyer, the chief executive of Ingeus (UK) Ltd. Terry knew that Rawlings had deliberately perverted the course of justice having been paid by one of his fellow kiddie fiddlers, so he immediately ordered staff in the Civil Appeals Office to play stupid games with my appeal papers.

I filed an affidavit and exhibit which comprised seven lever arch files. A lot of paperwork. On 29th March 2018, I was sitting in a public house when I suddenly picked up an email on my cell phone. It was from a bent lawyer who worked in the Civil Appeals Office, called Steve Tai. Tai told me that I had filed “supplementary bundles” which exceeded 350 pages, and that they had been sent back to me. Tai lied on two counts. Firstly, my affidavit and exhibit were not “supplementary bundles”, and, secondly, Tai had not sent them back to me.

Steve Tai Lies 01
Corrupt Civil Appeals Office lawyer Steve “Blatant Lie” Tai tells the lie that I have filed a “supplementary bundle” of more than 350 pages.

Affidavit and Exhibit
In reality, what I filed were an AFFIDAVIT and an EXHIBIT.

Two days later, Tai sent me another message full of lies pretending that I had not included any of the necessary documents in a Core Bundle. In reality, ALL of the documents had been included. Tai had been ordered to tell these lies, to obstruct and interfere with the course of justice, and to commit a criminal offence of conspiring to pervert the course of justice, by Sir Terence “Terry the Perv” Etherton, the Satanic ritual child abusing Master of the Rolls.

Steve Tai Lies 02
Corrupt Civil Appeals Office lawyer Steve “Blatant Lie” Tai lies again. This time, he tells the lie that I have not included any of the necessary documents in a Core Bundle…..

Core Bundle Index
Of course, in reality, ALL of the documents had been included.

Terry then ordered the Civil Appeals Master Meacher, who is also 100% bent and part of the Freemason/paedophile cabal which totally controls the Court of Appeal and the civil justice system in Great Britain, to force me to continually make applications to “rely upon” supplementary bundles which were not, and never had been, supplementary bundles. Anything to prevent a legitimate appeal from being dealt with according to the law.

Master Meacher Lies
Corrupt paedophile Civil Appeals Master Meacher tells multiple blatant lies to pervert the course of justice and to block a legitimate appeal. My affidavit and exhibit were not “supplementary bundles”, and had never been included in any supplementary bundles. Indeed, they could not have been as they were not relevant to the issue of leave to appeal.

That was in 2018, before corrupt child rapist Lord Justice Hamblen, usually known as Nick the Nonce II, finally perverted the course of justice once again to protect Jack Sawyer and the child rapists who had perverted the proceedings in the lower court, including Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings. Now, in 2019, Terry Etherton is ordering staff in the Civil Appeals Office to commit even more outrageous criminal acts to pervert the course of justice.

I have received two letters claiming that a “jurisdiction lawyer”, unnamed of course, has determined that I need to pay £528 (which they know I don’t have) in order for my legitimate appeal to be progressed. This is based on quoted legislation which applies to vexatious litigants only.

Civil Appeals Corruption 01
An unnamed corrupt “jurisdiction lawyer” in the Civil Appeals Office perverts the course of justice by applying a paragraph which only applies to vexatious litigants to someone who is not a vexatious litigant…..

Civil Appeals Corruption 02
…..and then orders a non-payable court fee to be paid to prevent the appeal being closed. But…..

Civil Appeals Corruption 03

Even with the extreme corruption and sickening persecution I have suffered in Britain’s 100% corrupt judicial system for over seven years now, I have never been declared to be a vexatious litigant. I’ve been wrongly called just about everything else by multiple bent child raping judges who were colluding with Freemasons and paedophiles in other public authorities, but I have never been on any list of vexatious litigants.

This is a black and white issue. Either you are a vexatious litigant, or you are not. I am not. Therefore, a paragraph which applies only to vexatious litigants does not apply to me.

Terry knows this, but it didn’t stop him ordering the staff in the Civil Appeals Office to commit further criminal offences or to maliciously block a legitimate appeal from proceeding in a court over which he has direct responsibility.

I have once again made Terry, and my own Member of Parliament Andrew Lewer MP, and the MPs responsible for overseeing the Ministry of Justice, aware of what is being done. Terry, of course, knows already, as he is the bent child rapist who has ordered the criminal perversion to be carried out in the first place. How obvious does he want to make what he is doing? Only time will tell.

Terry Etherton Email
Andrew Wardle, the owner of this site, sends an email to the corrupt Satanic ritual child abuser and Master of the Rolls Sir Terence Etherton. Etherton, not surprisingly, has ignored the email.

The most likely scenario is that Etherton, Lewer, Gauke, and all of the other MPs will completely ignore what is happening, as they are all part of the same Masonic lodge network and Satanic paedophile ring. That is already 100% known of Terry, but Lewer, Gauke and the others still have one last chance to prove they are not Satanic paedophiles or involved in this judicial corruption by taking the necessary steps to intervene.

I will be writing a direct, open letter to the Lord Chancellor, David Gauke MP, informing him of exactly what is transpiring in the court system over which he has ultimate authority. I expect he will ignore that as well, as he will not want any reply being published on this site. The Ministry of Justice is maintaining total silence, other than to apparently harass and threaten web hosting companies in foreign countries and to order bent lawyers to send out puerile threats.

Ultimately, silence in the face of evidence and of multiple examples of blatant, egregious judicial corruption will tell the same story as words. Those who say nothing have nothing to say. I have no doubt personally that Gauke, Keen, Buckland, Maynard, Argar and Acland-Hood know exactly what is going on, and that they condone and even encourage it. However, they should be given the opportunity to state their own case before they are finally judged by those who have been illegally victimized multiple times in the courts over which they have control. Whatever happens, it will be publicized on