Santander (UK) Ltd Nathan Bostock Perry Charles-Jones Temper Tantrum

Now, I have to make you aware of another act of harassment and threatening behavior committed against the author and owner of This time, the harassment has not been committed by the Ministry of Justice, by Nick the Nonce Lavender or any other bent judge, but by Satanic paedophiles employed by one of not only Britain’s, but the world’s best known thieving toilet banks.

Satandire, one of the world’s most inefficient, corrupt and useless toilet banks.

The chief executive of Santander (UK) Ltd, usually known as “Satandire”, Nathan Bostock, and his equally corrupt mate Perry Charles-Jones, have been baiting and harassing me since October 2018. This is despite the fact that I have maintained a bank account in good standing since 2009 when Santander bought out Alliance & Leicester, and the fact that I have had one of their top of the range credit cards, called All in one Credit Card, since March 2017, and have maintained the account perfectly for over two years without ever missing a single payment.

Banks normally harass, terrorise and persecute account holders who have fallen on hard times. They are, after all, tentacles of the criminal globalist Deep State which runs on the basis of central banks releasing currency into the market at interest. There is no room here for a complete philosophical exposition on the evils of usurious banking, but take it from me the large commercial banks are not on your side. They are there to execute the globalist plan of making everyone in the world increasingly poorer by forcing them into debt, continually making the world’s fiat currencies lose value, and then relentlessly tormenting and maltreating those to whom they made available the ever-depreciating funny money.

It is extremely unusual for a bank to come after someone to whom they have advanced a credit facility, and who has used that facility impeccably and without a single indiscretion. Normally, they will offer further products or limit increases to such people, in furtherance of their objective of creating ballooning, toxic debt. So, why, in this case, has the Satandire chief executive’s office chosen to illegally attack an apparently perfect customer? The answer can be found in money laundering, corruption, collusion with Jeffrey Epstein and with Satanic paedophile members of Parliament, and with Satanic paedophilia itself.

I should outline the background. In October 2018, Jack “Back Attack” Sawyer, the child raping chief executive of Ingeus (UK) Ltd, a private company which usurps millions of pounds from the British taxpayer on the false pretence of “providing services to the unemployed”, incited multiple fellow Freemason and paedophile chief executives to attack me in various ways. One of those Freemasons and paedophiles was Nathan Bostock.

In October 2018, Bostock and his mate Charles-Jones invented a fairy story that I had made a credit card payment out of time. It was only Satandire’s pitiful online banking which allowed them to do this, as other banks such as HaemorrLloyds produce proper PDF statements which can be downloaded, and which are therefore difficult and extremely risky to falsify. Charles-Jones then incited his “collection” thugs to come after me on the basis of an alleged “missed payment” which had never happened.

Charles-Jones then panicked. He realized that I had documentary evidence that the payment had been made correctly and on time, and quickly refunded the bogus “late payment fee.” However, he also went into my online account and blatantly falsified the evidence to suggest that it had not. With Satandire, the online banking is so atrocious that there are no downloadable monthly statements. Falsifying evidence which has been previously downloaded is extremely risky, although as Bostock is a Satanic paedophile he can bribe his way out of any potentially dangerous legal situation. Falsifying evidence which is not downloadable is far less risky. As Satandire could easily afford programmers who would be able to bring their online banking up to the standard of the rest of the High Street banks, it is impossible to draw any conclusion other than it is designed the way it is to deliberately facilitate bank fraud.

Bostock and Charles-Jones have been extremely aggressive in refusing to offer any form of compensation for illegally harassing me based on a missed payment which was never missed, or for deliberately falsifying evidence to mislead the Fobbing Off Service and potentially the courts. Why? Because they are Satanic child rapists acting under orders from Sawyer. Obviously, if the harassment over the non-existent missed payment had been a “computer error”, they would just make a small token payment of goodwill and everything would go back to normal. That is what a sane bank would do, so what are Satandire doing?

By keeping the case going unresolved, they are guaranteeing that they will continue to receive my offers to settle which I send to all legal opponents and potential legal opponents. Then, they threaten and harass me further for having received them!

What is most interesting is the latest harassment and threat letter received from a threat monkey working in the same office as Charles-Jones. It objects strongly to two Calderbank offers, sent on 6th and 12th July 2019. The thing is – neither of those letters references Satandire, Bostock or Charles-Jones. So, why are Satandire using them as an excuse to launch yet another attack on an innocent victim customer?

The answer can be found in what the letters do reference. They reference Jeffrey Epstein, and his bribing of the United Goondom Parliament to get paedophile Jes Staley installed as chief executive of Sharklays. Why should that bother Bostock and Charles-Jones? Well, it obviously shouldn’t – unless they are also part of the same gang of child rapists, Parliament-bribers, money launderers and price fixers. One plus one equals two.

Nate the Nonce and Perry the Paedo are being extremely silly. They had no reason whatsoever to pick a fight with me in the first place, other than being provoked by Sawyer. That does make me wonder whether Sawyer is not actually blackmailing these other paedophiles into committing petty and stupid acts. Otherwise, they could just have admitted they were wrong, made a token payment through the Fobbing Off Service, and everyone would have gone back to sleep.

Now, clear evidence of bank fraud by Charles-Jones could just bring the whole cesspit crashing down. It has highlighted the criminal tendencies of Bostock and Charles-Jones. It has connected them to Sawyer. Now, they have stupidly connected themselves to Epstein, Staley, and the paedophiles and blackmail victims in the UG Parliament.

Not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but they know they are protected by bent judges and child rapists in the court system who are also connected to Epstein. That will have to be brought down before there could be any bringing down of any of Britain’s corrupt money laundering banking institutions. Houses of cards fall quickly, though, and with the criminal money laundering global behemoth Deutsche Bank about to crash and burn, it is impossible to say who or what might crash down with it.

For myself, I have removed money from my Satandire account to leave the balance at 2.4d, one new-fangled decimal penny. The account is not used, and I have moved all of my income and outgoing payments to an account with a bank that has no connection to Satandire. I have also virtually maxed out the credit card, to leave Satandire’s risk in attacking me at the highest possible level. I might try to get the Fobbing Off Service involved again, although we all know they are 100% bent and a total waste of time.

Oh, Mr. Porter, what shall I do? Well, for now, I will wipe my arse on that stupid letter and send it back to Nate the Nonce and Perry the Paedo. I will also not be ceasing the sending of offers to settle litigation, as they are necessary. I think Bostock is a total head case, but I doubt they will want to make this even worse for themselves. They know the publicity is going to come thick and fast following Epstein’s arrest, and they know that the Patriots have all of the evidence. Cell phones, video cameras, audio recorders, everything was permitted on Epstein Island. No-one ever thought they would be caught.

Santander Harassment
Oh, Mr. Porter, what shall I do?
You’ve stuffed it in an envelope and you’ve gummed it up with glue.
Take it back to Milton Keynes as quickly as you can,
Oh, Mr. Porter, what a silly spam it am!

Whether Nate or Perry ever went to the Island, I don’t know, but they have themselves established their own connection to Epstein, Staley and the Parliamentary paedophiles. Blackmail will almost certainly be involved somewhere, and I believe Sawyer is also involved. The Deep State’s goal is to starve out anyone who is exposing criminality, corruption and paedophilia, and the Satandire kiddie fiddlers will have been blackmailed into harming my credit facility. The thing is, though, Nate and Perry, that you couldn’t be blackmailed unless there was something to blackmail you with. There are bound to be some extremely nasty characters involved behind the scenes here, and I will be reporting any further revelations on