An Open Public Letter to Lord Chancellor David Gauke MP

On 22nd July 2019, Andrew Wardle, the owner of, wrote an open public letter to the Lord Chancellor of the English and Welsh court system, David Gauke MP. The letter is partly a response to threatening and abusive letters sent by the Government Legal Department to Mr Wardle himself, in a direct malicious attack on this website. The attack has failed, as these websites are hosted in the United States of America, a country which has a proper political system involving an elected Head of State and a Constitution to protect the rights of citizens.

Of course, we all know that even this system has come under relentless attack from the globalist Deep State and its puppets, and indeed the last four Presidents (Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obummer) have all been criminal agents and puppets of the Deep State. Despite this, America now has one of the truly great Presidents of all time, who is turning the situation around for the American people day by day. Expect to see mass arrests and trials, including military trials, once he is re-elected in 2020. By the way, if there are any Americans reading this, please don’t waste your vote. VOTE REPUBLICAN AND TRUMP IN 2020!!!!!

The Freedom of Speech laws which the United States has have been instrumental in preventing the Satanic child rapists, child torturers and child murderers in the United Goondom Parliament, and its judicial system, from hiding the evidence of their crimes. I had a contingency plan in place to move the sites to hosting in a country with even stronger Freedom of Speech laws, but, so far, it has not been necessary to put it into operation.

The letter also outlined, and directly proved with documentary evidence, the extreme criminal maltreatment, persecution, and perversion of the course of justice I have endured at the hands of multiple Satanic paedophile judges of the Clownty Court, Queer’s Bent Division and Court of Appaedos. These so-called “judges” are not judges at all, as they do not judge anything. They are simply globalist puppets levered into place by the criminal Deep State syndicate, in order to protect those who are tearing down freedoms and destroying human lives.

In London, for example, the Luciferian child rapist Sir Terence Etherton is the Master of the Rolls. He is therefore in a position to order staff in his Civil Appeals Office to criminally hamper and impede any legitimate appeal brought by a member of the public against another Satanic paedophile or an organization controlled by Satanic paedophiles. In my own cases, he has ordered bent lawyer Steve Tai to ridiculously pretend that an affidavit and exhibit were “supplementary bundles”, and to pretend that absolutely none of the necessary documents had been included in a Core Bundle when they had all been included.

Etherton also ordered the Civil Appeals Master Meacher to pervert the course of justice by continually forcing me to make applications to “rely upon” my affidavit and exhibit as if they had been supplementary bundles, and then continually refusing to issue the applications. Eventually, Etherton ordered his fellow Luciferian child rapist Lord Justice Nicholas “Nick the Nonce II” Hamblen to deliberately wrongly decide the application for leave to appeal on nonsensical grounds.

At Birmingham Civil Justice Centre, the situation is even worse, as Luciferian child rapist Martin Nicholas McKenna, the Designated Civil Judge, acts as a “switching central” in both the High Court and the County Court. Any claims, applications or appeals which need to be perverted are automatically routed through McKenna, who then ensures that they go to the “shadow court” or the “parallel court”, the court which secretly runs in parallel to the “proper court”, and which snuffs out any claim against Deep State agents, child rapists, or any other criminal which McKenna’s puppet masters need to have protected.

I have reproduced the letter below, exactly as it was extracted from the PDF document. It explicitly asks David Gauke MP, the Lord Chancellor, to intervene and to take direct, necessary action to eliminate the criminality and corruption within the court system for which he has ultimate responsibility. The letter has also been copied to Richard Keen (“Lord Keen of Elie”), Robert Buckland MP, Paul Maynard MP and Edward Argar MP, all of whom have a responsibility for the running of the justice system, and to the chief executive of the Courts and Tribunals “Service”, Susan Acland-Hood.

Lord Chancellor David Gauke
Lord Chancellor David Gauke
An open public letter sent by the author of this website to the Lord Chancellor, David Gauke MP. Any response, or failure to respond, will be the feature of a future post.

I believe I have been perfectly reasonable in allowing 14 days for a response. The matters contained within the letter are extremely grave and serious, and really demand immediate attention. There is direct proof provided that members of the judiciary, from the second-highest ranked judge in the English and Welsh courts, the Master of the Rolls Sir Terence “Terry the Perv” Etherton, down through High Court judge Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender and Designated Civil Judge Martin “Arse Worth A Tenner” McKenna to “ordinary” circus judges Ian “Yellow Belly” Murdoch and Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings, have deliberately perverted the course of justice to aid and abet Satanic paedophiles in harming an innocent member of the public. However, these Members of Parliament are busy. I must bend over backwards to be reasonable.

They all have someone on their staff who is able to respond to inquiries without them being bothered personally, and it hardly unreasonable to expect a one-line acknowledgement stating that the Minister will not be able to respond fully within 14 days, but will respond in a different time frame. Therefore, if they fail to respond, the only conclusion which can be drawn will be the obvious one. Any failure to respond, or indeed any response, will obviously be published on

It is now also time to make the new Prime Minister, Mr Boris Johnson, aware of the corruption, criminality, Satanic ritual abuse of children, and Deep State puppetry which is endemic in the British court system. I’m sure he knows already, but does he know all of what is going on? Even though Mr Johnson is a ConsPERVative, I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt until I see what he is going to do. He has explicitly promised the country that he will deliver Brexit and relieve Britain of quasi-communist central bank EU oppression. If he can deliver that, maybe he can also deliver a British Republic and end monarchist oppression once Lizzie the Leech finally snuffs it? If he can, he will without doubt go down in history as the greatest Prime Minister of all time.

President Trump has explicitly stated that he has confidence and belief in Mr Johnson, and that is enough for me to totally suspend judgment until I see whether or not that confidence is justified. One thing is certain, as Britain is deep in the hole of depravity, despair and decrepitude, he has opportunities which have rarely, if ever, existed before. Of course, those opportunities also come with potential pitfalls, and the Luciferian child rapists, justice perverters and Deep State puppets in Britain’s acutely diseased judiciary are certainly one of those pitfalls.

David Gauke MP, Richard Keen, Robert Buckland MP, Paul Maynard MP and Edward Argar MP are also potential pitfalls, and potential sources of embarrassment, for Mr Johnson. If they fail to act on the information provided in this letter, then they risk the ConsPERVative Party being dragged into the gutter in an even more extreme manner than any caused by the Demoness of Grantham, Leon Brittan or Edward Heath. Mr Johnson is the leader of their party, so he will bear the brunt of that shame. Someone needs to act decisively and dramatically, whether it is the Ministry of Justice itself, or the Prime Minister and party leader whose reputation throughout history will largely be determined by its actions. I will, of course, report whether or not that opportunity is taken.