Civil Appeals Master Bancroft-Rimer Exposed As A Satanic Paedophile

Throughout 2018, the Luciferian child rapist Master of the Rolls, Sir Terence “Terry the Perv” Etherton, ordered his staff to continually play stupid games with my appeal papers. The Deep State Satanic paedophile cabal for which Etherton is a puppet, and specifically the child rapist chief executive of Ingeus (UK) Ltd, Jack “Back Attack” Sawyer, needed the appeal to be perverted for a variety of reasons.

In February 2016, Sawyer had paid bribe money to the incumbent Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, Simon Edens, now revealed as the real murderer of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells in Soham in August 2002, in order to have an innocent victim assaulted, falsely imprisoned and maliciously prosecuted. The assault and false imprisonment were carried out by a police constable puppet known as Abigail “Rent-a-Thug” Anstead, but the filth wimped out of a malicious prosecution, for reasons which still remain unknown.

Sawyer had also paid his bent lawyer Matthew “Far-Fetched Fairytale” Flood, and a man-hating neurotic drug addict junior employee known as Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer, to lie on police witness statements in April 2016. When the resulting harassment case went into the High Court, Flood, Dyer and another thug employed by Ingeus (UK) Ltd, Ross “Dross” Marshall, blatantly lied on witness statements in the civil court.

Sawyer’s ridiculously highly-priced bent solicitors, Pinsent Masons LLP, also committed a blatant contempt of court. Their bent paedophile lawyer Gary Coleman had exhibited a fraudulent and falsified version of a court order to a witness statement in order to effect a judicial perversion and make it look less obvious. Sawyer and Coleman had already arranged, through Martin McKenna and the Birmingham Civil Justice Centre corruption machine, for a bent judge to pervert the course of justice at the hearing. That bent judge turned out to be Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings.

Etherton, of course, had his own reasons for needing the course of justice to be perverted. He was obviously paid, as all Deep State puppets are, to do what the Deep State needed. He also needed to protect his fellow paedophile Rawlings, who had perverted the course of justice so gratuitously that any examination of evidence in the Court of Appaedos would be fatal. He did not want to prejudice the career of a Lord Justice by having them refuse leave to appeal on spurious and nonsensical grounds, so he ordered the playing of games.

These games started on 29th March 2018, when I was in a London public house having just filed my core and supplementary bundles at the “Royal” Courts of Corruption, Criminality and Paedophilia in the Strand. I received an email on my cell phone. It was from a bent lawyer in the Civil Appeals Office known as Steve “Blatant Lie” Tai. The email stated that I had filed “supplementary bundles” of over 350 pages, and that the bundles had been returned to me.

The evidence tells a very different story. I had only filed my supplementary bundle literally minutes before, and it only contained 103 pages. Tai would not even have had time to know of its existence. What Tai was referring to as “supplementary bundles” were really an affidavit and exhibit filed in support of an application made within the N161 Appellant’s Notice. They contained evidence of the corruption of Rawlings, another bent circus judge known as Ally “Nine-bob Note” Hampton, “Master” Eastman, and Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender. All child rapists and Deep State puppets Etherton needed to protect.

Two days later, Tai lied by pretending that my Core Bundle, also filed on 29th March 2018, did not contain any of the documents necessary to comply with the Court’s requirements. In reality, ALL of the documents had been included in the bundle. When complaints were forwarded, the Civil Appeals Office admitted that they had all been included, but, of course, said that Tai had made a “mistake”!!! How does anyone, much less a purportedly “experienced” Case Progression Officer of the Civil Appeals Office, fail to notice 97 pages of paper in a folder which would otherwise be empty, especially when there is an index on the front with all documents explicitly listed by name???

Core Bundle Index
My Core Bundle index amply demonstrates that all of the papers which needed to be filed, were indeed filed.

These Deep State puppets are not only 100% corrupt, they are also completely useless and totally unable to lie in a way which is believable, or to cover up the evidence of what they have done. As with Obummer and the cabal in the USA, who never believed that KILLary could lose the 2016 election as so many illegal immigrants had been allowed to crash the Southern border to vote DemonRat, they just don’t believe they can ever be caught. Now that Donald J. Trump is in the White House, Obummer, KILLary, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Pelosi, and all of the other criminals who have dragged America down to being a corrupt crime-ridden sewer know that their time is coming. They cannot now hide what they have done, and the right people, including Attorney General Barr, are in place to ensure justice will be done.

The evidence against the Civil Appeals Office criminals, and the Terry Etherton who orders them to carry out their criminal acts, is also conclusive and overwhelming. The question in Hate Britain is whether the structure is in place to deal with them and bring them to justice. The Lord Chancellor, David Gauke MP, is in possession of the evidence, and, within the next week, I will be forwarding it to the new Prime Minister, Mr Boris Johnson. One of Mr Johnson’s earliest and most severe tests will be what he intends to do about rampant corruption in the judiciary.

Now, another judicial perversion so obvious a three-year old would be able to see through it is being carried out by a different, and presumably new, Civil Appeals Master Bancroft-Rimer. On 1st July 2019, I received a letter with no name on it pretending that I had to pay a court fee of £528 in order for a new appeal to progress. This is an appeal against a blatant judicial perversion carried out in Birmingham by Martin Nicholas McKenna, the corrupt paedophile Designated Civil Judge who oversees and orders all of the perversion of the course of justice needed in Birmingham to protect the Deep State cabal and his fellow Satanic child rapists.

In reality, the fee is not payable as I am entitled to a fee remission. The fairy story the bent lawyer and Luciferian child rapist Civil Appeals Master Bancroft-Rimer are telling is that a paragraph in the Courts and Tribunals Fees Order 2013 applies to me, and that I therefore need to pay the fee and obtain a refund later. That paragraph ONLY APPLIES TO VEXATIOUS LITIGANTS. I will repeat that – it ONLY APPLIES TO VEXATIOUS LITIGANTS.

Bancroft-Rimer Corruption
Paragraph 19 ONLY applies to Vexatious Litigants, but Bancroft-Rimer and the rest of the Satanic paedophiles are using it as an excuse to block a legitimate appeal and pervert the course of justice.

There is no need to publish the initial letters here, as they have been published on a previous post entitled Civil Appeals Office Criminals Pervert The Course Of Justice Again, here – This post only needs to be concerned with the follow-up, in which Bancroft-Rimer, purportedly a “Master” and therefore a “junior judge” whose malicious and criminal orders should be able to be appealed, has blatantly lied to protect Etherton and to pervert the course of justice once again.

Bancroft-Rimer has deliberately misquoted another passage from the same law in order to convey a meaning which was never intended. It may well be that the term “restraint order” means what is outlined in paragraph 1(1), but this does absolutely nothing to change the fact that paragraph 19 is headed “Vexatious Litigants”, and therefore ONLY applies to vexatious litigants. If an entire paragraph does not apply, then the meaning of any word within that paragraph is irrelevant for the purposes of the case in question.

Bancroft-Rimer Deceit
Corrupt Satanic child rapist Civil Appeals Master Bancroft-Rimer blatantly lies to pervert the course of justice and to prevent a legitimate appeal from being issued.

Bancroft-Rimer, who has now been exposed as a Satanic paedophile working in the same cabal as Terry Etherton and the other Civil Appeals Office perverts who maliciously blocked by appeal in 2018, has been asked to “realize” their “mistake” and to remove the need for this to be taken any further. The case has already gone to the Listing Officer Ross Kitley, who is a criminal perverter of judicial proceedings, and was active in perverting the course of justice in my 2018 appeal.

Whatever happens next, it will be reported on There have been significant development in all aspects of my own legal cases, so much so that I have been unable to keep up with posting to this site. One judge holding a highly important position has just faked and falsified a court order purporting to come from another judge, and even more evidence of collusion, corruption, and criminality is being produced on a regular basis. I may need to take some time out here to work out exactly what needs to be published as soon as it is available, and what needs to be temporarily withheld in furtherance of the objective of obtaining justice and removing this cabal from British society for good.