Civil Appeals Master Bancroft-Rimer Exposed As A Satanic Paedophile

Throughout 2018, the Luciferian child rapist Master of the Rolls, Sir Terence “Terry the Perv” Etherton, ordered his staff to continually play stupid games with my appeal papers. The Deep State Satanic paedophile cabal for which Etherton is a puppet, and specifically the child rapist chief executive of Ingeus (UK) Ltd, Jack “Back Attack” Sawyer, needed the appeal to be perverted for a variety of reasons.

In February 2016, Sawyer had paid bribe money to the incumbent Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, Simon Edens, now revealed as the real murderer of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells in Soham in August 2002, in order to have an innocent victim assaulted, falsely imprisoned and maliciously prosecuted. The assault and false imprisonment were carried out by a police constable puppet known as Abigail “Rent-a-Thug” Anstead, but the filth wimped out of a malicious prosecution, for reasons which still remain unknown.

Sawyer had also paid his bent lawyer Matthew “Far-Fetched Fairytale” Flood, and a man-hating neurotic drug addict junior employee known as Kate “Hate Liar” Dyer, to lie on police witness statements in April 2016. When the resulting harassment case went into the High Court, Flood, Dyer and another thug employed by Ingeus (UK) Ltd, Ross “Dross” Marshall, blatantly lied on witness statements in the civil court.

Sawyer’s ridiculously highly-priced bent solicitors, Pinsent Masons LLP, also committed a blatant contempt of court. Their bent paedophile lawyer Gary Coleman had exhibited a fraudulent and falsified version of a court order to a witness statement in order to effect a judicial perversion and make it look less obvious. Sawyer and Coleman had already arranged, through Martin McKenna and the Birmingham Civil Justice Centre corruption machine, for a bent judge to pervert the course of justice at the hearing. That bent judge turned out to be Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings.

Etherton, of course, had his own reasons for needing the course of justice to be perverted. He was obviously paid, as all Deep State puppets are, to do what the Deep State needed. He also needed to protect his fellow paedophile Rawlings, who had perverted the course of justice so gratuitously that any examination of evidence in the Court of Appaedos would be fatal. He did not want to prejudice the career of a Lord Justice by having them refuse leave to appeal on spurious and nonsensical grounds, so he ordered the playing of games.

These games started on 29th March 2018, when I was in a London public house having just filed my core and supplementary bundles at the “Royal” Courts of Corruption, Criminality and Paedophilia in the Strand. I received an email on my cell phone. It was from a bent lawyer in the Civil Appeals Office known as Steve “Blatant Lie” Tai. The email stated that I had filed “supplementary bundles” of over 350 pages, and that the bundles had been returned to me.

The evidence tells a very different story. I had only filed my supplementary bundle literally minutes before, and it only contained 103 pages. Tai would not even have had time to know of its existence. What Tai was referring to as “supplementary bundles” were really an affidavit and exhibit filed in support of an application made within the N161 Appellant’s Notice. They contained evidence of the corruption of Rawlings, another bent circus judge known as Ally “Nine-bob Note” Hampton, “Master” Eastman, and Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender. All child rapists and Deep State puppets Etherton needed to protect.

Two days later, Tai lied by pretending that my Core Bundle, also filed on 29th March 2018, did not contain any of the documents necessary to comply with the Court’s requirements. In reality, ALL of the documents had been included in the bundle. When complaints were forwarded, the Civil Appeals Office admitted that they had all been included, but, of course, said that Tai had made a “mistake”!!! How does anyone, much less a purportedly “experienced” Case Progression Officer of the Civil Appeals Office, fail to notice 97 pages of paper in a folder which would otherwise be empty, especially when there is an index on the front with all documents explicitly listed by name???

Core Bundle Index
My Core Bundle index amply demonstrates that all of the papers which needed to be filed, were indeed filed.

These Deep State puppets are not only 100% corrupt, they are also completely useless and totally unable to lie in a way which is believable, or to cover up the evidence of what they have done. As with Obummer and the cabal in the USA, who never believed that KILLary could lose the 2016 election as so many illegal immigrants had been allowed to crash the Southern border to vote DemonRat, they just don’t believe they can ever be caught. Now that Donald J. Trump is in the White House, Obummer, KILLary, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Pelosi, and all of the other criminals who have dragged America down to being a corrupt crime-ridden sewer know that their time is coming. They cannot now hide what they have done, and the right people, including Attorney General Barr, are in place to ensure justice will be done.

The evidence against the Civil Appeals Office criminals, and the Terry Etherton who orders them to carry out their criminal acts, is also conclusive and overwhelming. The question in Hate Britain is whether the structure is in place to deal with them and bring them to justice. The Lord Chancellor, David Gauke MP, is in possession of the evidence, and, within the next week, I will be forwarding it to the new Prime Minister, Mr Boris Johnson. One of Mr Johnson’s earliest and most severe tests will be what he intends to do about rampant corruption in the judiciary.

Now, another judicial perversion so obvious a three-year old would be able to see through it is being carried out by a different, and presumably new, Civil Appeals Master Bancroft-Rimer. On 1st July 2019, I received a letter with no name on it pretending that I had to pay a court fee of £528 in order for a new appeal to progress. This is an appeal against a blatant judicial perversion carried out in Birmingham by Martin Nicholas McKenna, the corrupt paedophile Designated Civil Judge who oversees and orders all of the perversion of the course of justice needed in Birmingham to protect the Deep State cabal and his fellow Satanic child rapists.

In reality, the fee is not payable as I am entitled to a fee remission. The fairy story the bent lawyer and Luciferian child rapist Civil Appeals Master Bancroft-Rimer are telling is that a paragraph in the Courts and Tribunals Fees Order 2013 applies to me, and that I therefore need to pay the fee and obtain a refund later. That paragraph ONLY APPLIES TO VEXATIOUS LITIGANTS. I will repeat that – it ONLY APPLIES TO VEXATIOUS LITIGANTS.

Bancroft-Rimer Corruption
Paragraph 19 ONLY applies to Vexatious Litigants, but Bancroft-Rimer and the rest of the Satanic paedophiles are using it as an excuse to block a legitimate appeal and pervert the course of justice.

There is no need to publish the initial letters here, as they have been published on a previous post entitled Civil Appeals Office Criminals Pervert The Course Of Justice Again, here – This post only needs to be concerned with the follow-up, in which Bancroft-Rimer, purportedly a “Master” and therefore a “junior judge” whose malicious and criminal orders should be able to be appealed, has blatantly lied to protect Etherton and to pervert the course of justice once again.

Bancroft-Rimer has deliberately misquoted another passage from the same law in order to convey a meaning which was never intended. It may well be that the term “restraint order” means what is outlined in paragraph 1(1), but this does absolutely nothing to change the fact that paragraph 19 is headed “Vexatious Litigants”, and therefore ONLY applies to vexatious litigants. If an entire paragraph does not apply, then the meaning of any word within that paragraph is irrelevant for the purposes of the case in question.

Bancroft-Rimer Deceit
Corrupt Satanic child rapist Civil Appeals Master Bancroft-Rimer blatantly lies to pervert the course of justice and to prevent a legitimate appeal from being issued.

Bancroft-Rimer, who has now been exposed as a Satanic paedophile working in the same cabal as Terry Etherton and the other Civil Appeals Office perverts who maliciously blocked by appeal in 2018, has been asked to “realize” their “mistake” and to remove the need for this to be taken any further. The case has already gone to the Listing Officer Ross Kitley, who is a criminal perverter of judicial proceedings, and was active in perverting the course of justice in my 2018 appeal.

Whatever happens next, it will be reported on There have been significant development in all aspects of my own legal cases, so much so that I have been unable to keep up with posting to this site. One judge holding a highly important position has just faked and falsified a court order purporting to come from another judge, and even more evidence of collusion, corruption, and criminality is being produced on a regular basis. I may need to take some time out here to work out exactly what needs to be published as soon as it is available, and what needs to be temporarily withheld in furtherance of the objective of obtaining justice and removing this cabal from British society for good.

An Open Public Letter to Lord Chancellor David Gauke MP

On 22nd July 2019, Andrew Wardle, the owner of, wrote an open public letter to the Lord Chancellor of the English and Welsh court system, David Gauke MP. The letter is partly a response to threatening and abusive letters sent by the Government Legal Department to Mr Wardle himself, in a direct malicious attack on this website. The attack has failed, as these websites are hosted in the United States of America, a country which has a proper political system involving an elected Head of State and a Constitution to protect the rights of citizens.

Of course, we all know that even this system has come under relentless attack from the globalist Deep State and its puppets, and indeed the last four Presidents (Bush I, Clinton, Bush II and Obummer) have all been criminal agents and puppets of the Deep State. Despite this, America now has one of the truly great Presidents of all time, who is turning the situation around for the American people day by day. Expect to see mass arrests and trials, including military trials, once he is re-elected in 2020. By the way, if there are any Americans reading this, please don’t waste your vote. VOTE REPUBLICAN AND TRUMP IN 2020!!!!!

The Freedom of Speech laws which the United States has have been instrumental in preventing the Satanic child rapists, child torturers and child murderers in the United Goondom Parliament, and its judicial system, from hiding the evidence of their crimes. I had a contingency plan in place to move the sites to hosting in a country with even stronger Freedom of Speech laws, but, so far, it has not been necessary to put it into operation.

The letter also outlined, and directly proved with documentary evidence, the extreme criminal maltreatment, persecution, and perversion of the course of justice I have endured at the hands of multiple Satanic paedophile judges of the Clownty Court, Queer’s Bent Division and Court of Appaedos. These so-called “judges” are not judges at all, as they do not judge anything. They are simply globalist puppets levered into place by the criminal Deep State syndicate, in order to protect those who are tearing down freedoms and destroying human lives.

In London, for example, the Luciferian child rapist Sir Terence Etherton is the Master of the Rolls. He is therefore in a position to order staff in his Civil Appeals Office to criminally hamper and impede any legitimate appeal brought by a member of the public against another Satanic paedophile or an organization controlled by Satanic paedophiles. In my own cases, he has ordered bent lawyer Steve Tai to ridiculously pretend that an affidavit and exhibit were “supplementary bundles”, and to pretend that absolutely none of the necessary documents had been included in a Core Bundle when they had all been included.

Etherton also ordered the Civil Appeals Master Meacher to pervert the course of justice by continually forcing me to make applications to “rely upon” my affidavit and exhibit as if they had been supplementary bundles, and then continually refusing to issue the applications. Eventually, Etherton ordered his fellow Luciferian child rapist Lord Justice Nicholas “Nick the Nonce II” Hamblen to deliberately wrongly decide the application for leave to appeal on nonsensical grounds.

At Birmingham Civil Justice Centre, the situation is even worse, as Luciferian child rapist Martin Nicholas McKenna, the Designated Civil Judge, acts as a “switching central” in both the High Court and the County Court. Any claims, applications or appeals which need to be perverted are automatically routed through McKenna, who then ensures that they go to the “shadow court” or the “parallel court”, the court which secretly runs in parallel to the “proper court”, and which snuffs out any claim against Deep State agents, child rapists, or any other criminal which McKenna’s puppet masters need to have protected.

I have reproduced the letter below, exactly as it was extracted from the PDF document. It explicitly asks David Gauke MP, the Lord Chancellor, to intervene and to take direct, necessary action to eliminate the criminality and corruption within the court system for which he has ultimate responsibility. The letter has also been copied to Richard Keen (“Lord Keen of Elie”), Robert Buckland MP, Paul Maynard MP and Edward Argar MP, all of whom have a responsibility for the running of the justice system, and to the chief executive of the Courts and Tribunals “Service”, Susan Acland-Hood.

Lord Chancellor David Gauke
Lord Chancellor David Gauke
An open public letter sent by the author of this website to the Lord Chancellor, David Gauke MP. Any response, or failure to respond, will be the feature of a future post.

I believe I have been perfectly reasonable in allowing 14 days for a response. The matters contained within the letter are extremely grave and serious, and really demand immediate attention. There is direct proof provided that members of the judiciary, from the second-highest ranked judge in the English and Welsh courts, the Master of the Rolls Sir Terence “Terry the Perv” Etherton, down through High Court judge Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender and Designated Civil Judge Martin “Arse Worth A Tenner” McKenna to “ordinary” circus judges Ian “Yellow Belly” Murdoch and Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings, have deliberately perverted the course of justice to aid and abet Satanic paedophiles in harming an innocent member of the public. However, these Members of Parliament are busy. I must bend over backwards to be reasonable.

They all have someone on their staff who is able to respond to inquiries without them being bothered personally, and it hardly unreasonable to expect a one-line acknowledgement stating that the Minister will not be able to respond fully within 14 days, but will respond in a different time frame. Therefore, if they fail to respond, the only conclusion which can be drawn will be the obvious one. Any failure to respond, or indeed any response, will obviously be published on

It is now also time to make the new Prime Minister, Mr Boris Johnson, aware of the corruption, criminality, Satanic ritual abuse of children, and Deep State puppetry which is endemic in the British court system. I’m sure he knows already, but does he know all of what is going on? Even though Mr Johnson is a ConsPERVative, I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt until I see what he is going to do. He has explicitly promised the country that he will deliver Brexit and relieve Britain of quasi-communist central bank EU oppression. If he can deliver that, maybe he can also deliver a British Republic and end monarchist oppression once Lizzie the Leech finally snuffs it? If he can, he will without doubt go down in history as the greatest Prime Minister of all time.

President Trump has explicitly stated that he has confidence and belief in Mr Johnson, and that is enough for me to totally suspend judgment until I see whether or not that confidence is justified. One thing is certain, as Britain is deep in the hole of depravity, despair and decrepitude, he has opportunities which have rarely, if ever, existed before. Of course, those opportunities also come with potential pitfalls, and the Luciferian child rapists, justice perverters and Deep State puppets in Britain’s acutely diseased judiciary are certainly one of those pitfalls.

David Gauke MP, Richard Keen, Robert Buckland MP, Paul Maynard MP and Edward Argar MP are also potential pitfalls, and potential sources of embarrassment, for Mr Johnson. If they fail to act on the information provided in this letter, then they risk the ConsPERVative Party being dragged into the gutter in an even more extreme manner than any caused by the Demoness of Grantham, Leon Brittan or Edward Heath. Mr Johnson is the leader of their party, so he will bear the brunt of that shame. Someone needs to act decisively and dramatically, whether it is the Ministry of Justice itself, or the Prime Minister and party leader whose reputation throughout history will largely be determined by its actions. I will, of course, report whether or not that opportunity is taken.

Santander (UK) Ltd Nathan Bostock Perry Charles-Jones Temper Tantrum

Now, I have to make you aware of another act of harassment and threatening behavior committed against the author and owner of This time, the harassment has not been committed by the Ministry of Justice, by Nick the Nonce Lavender or any other bent judge, but by Satanic paedophiles employed by one of not only Britain’s, but the world’s best known thieving toilet banks.

Satandire, one of the world’s most inefficient, corrupt and useless toilet banks.

The chief executive of Santander (UK) Ltd, usually known as “Satandire”, Nathan Bostock, and his equally corrupt mate Perry Charles-Jones, have been baiting and harassing me since October 2018. This is despite the fact that I have maintained a bank account in good standing since 2009 when Santander bought out Alliance & Leicester, and the fact that I have had one of their top of the range credit cards, called All in one Credit Card, since March 2017, and have maintained the account perfectly for over two years without ever missing a single payment.

Banks normally harass, terrorise and persecute account holders who have fallen on hard times. They are, after all, tentacles of the criminal globalist Deep State which runs on the basis of central banks releasing currency into the market at interest. There is no room here for a complete philosophical exposition on the evils of usurious banking, but take it from me the large commercial banks are not on your side. They are there to execute the globalist plan of making everyone in the world increasingly poorer by forcing them into debt, continually making the world’s fiat currencies lose value, and then relentlessly tormenting and maltreating those to whom they made available the ever-depreciating funny money.

It is extremely unusual for a bank to come after someone to whom they have advanced a credit facility, and who has used that facility impeccably and without a single indiscretion. Normally, they will offer further products or limit increases to such people, in furtherance of their objective of creating ballooning, toxic debt. So, why, in this case, has the Satandire chief executive’s office chosen to illegally attack an apparently perfect customer? The answer can be found in money laundering, corruption, collusion with Jeffrey Epstein and with Satanic paedophile members of Parliament, and with Satanic paedophilia itself.

I should outline the background. In October 2018, Jack “Back Attack” Sawyer, the child raping chief executive of Ingeus (UK) Ltd, a private company which usurps millions of pounds from the British taxpayer on the false pretence of “providing services to the unemployed”, incited multiple fellow Freemason and paedophile chief executives to attack me in various ways. One of those Freemasons and paedophiles was Nathan Bostock.

In October 2018, Bostock and his mate Charles-Jones invented a fairy story that I had made a credit card payment out of time. It was only Satandire’s pitiful online banking which allowed them to do this, as other banks such as HaemorrLloyds produce proper PDF statements which can be downloaded, and which are therefore difficult and extremely risky to falsify. Charles-Jones then incited his “collection” thugs to come after me on the basis of an alleged “missed payment” which had never happened.

Charles-Jones then panicked. He realized that I had documentary evidence that the payment had been made correctly and on time, and quickly refunded the bogus “late payment fee.” However, he also went into my online account and blatantly falsified the evidence to suggest that it had not. With Satandire, the online banking is so atrocious that there are no downloadable monthly statements. Falsifying evidence which has been previously downloaded is extremely risky, although as Bostock is a Satanic paedophile he can bribe his way out of any potentially dangerous legal situation. Falsifying evidence which is not downloadable is far less risky. As Satandire could easily afford programmers who would be able to bring their online banking up to the standard of the rest of the High Street banks, it is impossible to draw any conclusion other than it is designed the way it is to deliberately facilitate bank fraud.

Bostock and Charles-Jones have been extremely aggressive in refusing to offer any form of compensation for illegally harassing me based on a missed payment which was never missed, or for deliberately falsifying evidence to mislead the Fobbing Off Service and potentially the courts. Why? Because they are Satanic child rapists acting under orders from Sawyer. Obviously, if the harassment over the non-existent missed payment had been a “computer error”, they would just make a small token payment of goodwill and everything would go back to normal. That is what a sane bank would do, so what are Satandire doing?

By keeping the case going unresolved, they are guaranteeing that they will continue to receive my offers to settle which I send to all legal opponents and potential legal opponents. Then, they threaten and harass me further for having received them!

What is most interesting is the latest harassment and threat letter received from a threat monkey working in the same office as Charles-Jones. It objects strongly to two Calderbank offers, sent on 6th and 12th July 2019. The thing is – neither of those letters references Satandire, Bostock or Charles-Jones. So, why are Satandire using them as an excuse to launch yet another attack on an innocent victim customer?

The answer can be found in what the letters do reference. They reference Jeffrey Epstein, and his bribing of the United Goondom Parliament to get paedophile Jes Staley installed as chief executive of Sharklays. Why should that bother Bostock and Charles-Jones? Well, it obviously shouldn’t – unless they are also part of the same gang of child rapists, Parliament-bribers, money launderers and price fixers. One plus one equals two.

Nate the Nonce and Perry the Paedo are being extremely silly. They had no reason whatsoever to pick a fight with me in the first place, other than being provoked by Sawyer. That does make me wonder whether Sawyer is not actually blackmailing these other paedophiles into committing petty and stupid acts. Otherwise, they could just have admitted they were wrong, made a token payment through the Fobbing Off Service, and everyone would have gone back to sleep.

Now, clear evidence of bank fraud by Charles-Jones could just bring the whole cesspit crashing down. It has highlighted the criminal tendencies of Bostock and Charles-Jones. It has connected them to Sawyer. Now, they have stupidly connected themselves to Epstein, Staley, and the paedophiles and blackmail victims in the UG Parliament.

Not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but they know they are protected by bent judges and child rapists in the court system who are also connected to Epstein. That will have to be brought down before there could be any bringing down of any of Britain’s corrupt money laundering banking institutions. Houses of cards fall quickly, though, and with the criminal money laundering global behemoth Deutsche Bank about to crash and burn, it is impossible to say who or what might crash down with it.

For myself, I have removed money from my Satandire account to leave the balance at 2.4d, one new-fangled decimal penny. The account is not used, and I have moved all of my income and outgoing payments to an account with a bank that has no connection to Satandire. I have also virtually maxed out the credit card, to leave Satandire’s risk in attacking me at the highest possible level. I might try to get the Fobbing Off Service involved again, although we all know they are 100% bent and a total waste of time.

Oh, Mr. Porter, what shall I do? Well, for now, I will wipe my arse on that stupid letter and send it back to Nate the Nonce and Perry the Paedo. I will also not be ceasing the sending of offers to settle litigation, as they are necessary. I think Bostock is a total head case, but I doubt they will want to make this even worse for themselves. They know the publicity is going to come thick and fast following Epstein’s arrest, and they know that the Patriots have all of the evidence. Cell phones, video cameras, audio recorders, everything was permitted on Epstein Island. No-one ever thought they would be caught.

Santander Harassment
Oh, Mr. Porter, what shall I do?
You’ve stuffed it in an envelope and you’ve gummed it up with glue.
Take it back to Milton Keynes as quickly as you can,
Oh, Mr. Porter, what a silly spam it am!

Whether Nate or Perry ever went to the Island, I don’t know, but they have themselves established their own connection to Epstein, Staley and the Parliamentary paedophiles. Blackmail will almost certainly be involved somewhere, and I believe Sawyer is also involved. The Deep State’s goal is to starve out anyone who is exposing criminality, corruption and paedophilia, and the Satandire kiddie fiddlers will have been blackmailed into harming my credit facility. The thing is, though, Nate and Perry, that you couldn’t be blackmailed unless there was something to blackmail you with. There are bound to be some extremely nasty characters involved behind the scenes here, and I will be reporting any further revelations on

Civil Appeals Office Criminals Pervert The Course Of Justice Again

The Civil Appeals Office is part of the Court of Appeal at the so-called “Royal Courts of Justice”, more correctly known as the “Royal” Courts of Corruption, Criminality and Paedophilia. It is therefore directly responsible to the Master of the Rolls, the second-highest ranked judge in the English and Welsh courts, who happens to be at the present time the Rt. Hon. Sir Terence Etherton. Sadly, as the evidence I will now present proves, Terry the Perv Etherton is a criminal perverter of judicial proceedings, a bent judge, and a serial child rapist.

I have had serious problems with Terry before. In 2018, an appeal went into the Court of Appeal from a perversion carried out by child rapist circus judge Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings, to aid and abet Satanic paedophile Jack Sawyer, the chief executive of Ingeus (UK) Ltd. Terry knew that Rawlings had deliberately perverted the course of justice having been paid by one of his fellow kiddie fiddlers, so he immediately ordered staff in the Civil Appeals Office to play stupid games with my appeal papers.

I filed an affidavit and exhibit which comprised seven lever arch files. A lot of paperwork. On 29th March 2018, I was sitting in a public house when I suddenly picked up an email on my cell phone. It was from a bent lawyer who worked in the Civil Appeals Office, called Steve Tai. Tai told me that I had filed “supplementary bundles” which exceeded 350 pages, and that they had been sent back to me. Tai lied on two counts. Firstly, my affidavit and exhibit were not “supplementary bundles”, and, secondly, Tai had not sent them back to me.

Steve Tai Lies 01
Corrupt Civil Appeals Office lawyer Steve “Blatant Lie” Tai tells the lie that I have filed a “supplementary bundle” of more than 350 pages.

Affidavit and Exhibit
In reality, what I filed were an AFFIDAVIT and an EXHIBIT.

Two days later, Tai sent me another message full of lies pretending that I had not included any of the necessary documents in a Core Bundle. In reality, ALL of the documents had been included. Tai had been ordered to tell these lies, to obstruct and interfere with the course of justice, and to commit a criminal offence of conspiring to pervert the course of justice, by Sir Terence “Terry the Perv” Etherton, the Satanic ritual child abusing Master of the Rolls.

Steve Tai Lies 02
Corrupt Civil Appeals Office lawyer Steve “Blatant Lie” Tai lies again. This time, he tells the lie that I have not included any of the necessary documents in a Core Bundle…..

Core Bundle Index
Of course, in reality, ALL of the documents had been included.

Terry then ordered the Civil Appeals Master Meacher, who is also 100% bent and part of the Freemason/paedophile cabal which totally controls the Court of Appeal and the civil justice system in Great Britain, to force me to continually make applications to “rely upon” supplementary bundles which were not, and never had been, supplementary bundles. Anything to prevent a legitimate appeal from being dealt with according to the law.

Master Meacher Lies
Corrupt paedophile Civil Appeals Master Meacher tells multiple blatant lies to pervert the course of justice and to block a legitimate appeal. My affidavit and exhibit were not “supplementary bundles”, and had never been included in any supplementary bundles. Indeed, they could not have been as they were not relevant to the issue of leave to appeal.

That was in 2018, before corrupt child rapist Lord Justice Hamblen, usually known as Nick the Nonce II, finally perverted the course of justice once again to protect Jack Sawyer and the child rapists who had perverted the proceedings in the lower court, including Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings. Now, in 2019, Terry Etherton is ordering staff in the Civil Appeals Office to commit even more outrageous criminal acts to pervert the course of justice.

I have received two letters claiming that a “jurisdiction lawyer”, unnamed of course, has determined that I need to pay £528 (which they know I don’t have) in order for my legitimate appeal to be progressed. This is based on quoted legislation which applies to vexatious litigants only.

Civil Appeals Corruption 01
An unnamed corrupt “jurisdiction lawyer” in the Civil Appeals Office perverts the course of justice by applying a paragraph which only applies to vexatious litigants to someone who is not a vexatious litigant…..

Civil Appeals Corruption 02
…..and then orders a non-payable court fee to be paid to prevent the appeal being closed. But…..

Civil Appeals Corruption 03

Even with the extreme corruption and sickening persecution I have suffered in Britain’s 100% corrupt judicial system for over seven years now, I have never been declared to be a vexatious litigant. I’ve been wrongly called just about everything else by multiple bent child raping judges who were colluding with Freemasons and paedophiles in other public authorities, but I have never been on any list of vexatious litigants.

This is a black and white issue. Either you are a vexatious litigant, or you are not. I am not. Therefore, a paragraph which applies only to vexatious litigants does not apply to me.

Terry knows this, but it didn’t stop him ordering the staff in the Civil Appeals Office to commit further criminal offences or to maliciously block a legitimate appeal from proceeding in a court over which he has direct responsibility.

I have once again made Terry, and my own Member of Parliament Andrew Lewer MP, and the MPs responsible for overseeing the Ministry of Justice, aware of what is being done. Terry, of course, knows already, as he is the bent child rapist who has ordered the criminal perversion to be carried out in the first place. How obvious does he want to make what he is doing? Only time will tell.

Terry Etherton Email
Andrew Wardle, the owner of this site, sends an email to the corrupt Satanic ritual child abuser and Master of the Rolls Sir Terence Etherton. Etherton, not surprisingly, has ignored the email.

The most likely scenario is that Etherton, Lewer, Gauke, and all of the other MPs will completely ignore what is happening, as they are all part of the same Masonic lodge network and Satanic paedophile ring. That is already 100% known of Terry, but Lewer, Gauke and the others still have one last chance to prove they are not Satanic paedophiles or involved in this judicial corruption by taking the necessary steps to intervene.

I will be writing a direct, open letter to the Lord Chancellor, David Gauke MP, informing him of exactly what is transpiring in the court system over which he has ultimate authority. I expect he will ignore that as well, as he will not want any reply being published on this site. The Ministry of Justice is maintaining total silence, other than to apparently harass and threaten web hosting companies in foreign countries and to order bent lawyers to send out puerile threats.

Ultimately, silence in the face of evidence and of multiple examples of blatant, egregious judicial corruption will tell the same story as words. Those who say nothing have nothing to say. I have no doubt personally that Gauke, Keen, Buckland, Maynard, Argar and Acland-Hood know exactly what is going on, and that they condone and even encourage it. However, they should be given the opportunity to state their own case before they are finally judged by those who have been illegally victimized multiple times in the courts over which they have control. Whatever happens, it will be publicized on

Ministry of Justice Satanic Paedophiles Threaten

As has been reported and proven on the static page at, has come under attack from cowards and paedophile protectors at a governmental level. A bent lawyer representing corrupt Satanic child rapist High Court Judge Nicholas Lavender, and purportedly the Judicial Office for England and Wales, has attempted to bully and threaten web hosting providers in the United States of America into removing this site.

It has not worked. The sites are still here. Even if the US hosting companies had caved in, I would simply have moved my sites to a new host in a country which has even stronger Freedom of Speech laws than the US. To their great credit, they did not give in and I did not have to move my sites, but I retain information on record in case a contingency plan is ever needed.

All the bent lawyers have succeeded in doing is making themselves look extremely silly. I will now publish below a further purported “letter before claim” which was sent to me by Caroline Clements, the same useless and apparently untrained lawyer who authored the drivel which was sent to the web hosting companies. As you can see, it is so puerile and pathetic that a first-year law student would be ashamed of it. Why are they doing this? If they seriously want to attack web hosting providers and cause nuisance to publishers, why don’t they at least spend a few bob on a half-decent lawyer who could at least produce a letter before claim which sounded serious?

Government Legal Department Puerile Threat
The Government Legal Department’s pitiful non-compliant excuse for a “Letter Before Claim.” The question is, who procured the thuggery? Was it just Nick the Nonce, or are the Ministry of Justice MPs involved in Satanic ritual child abuse?

I honestly don’t know the answer. Whether this is all just a time-wasting exercise, or whether there is some hidden venom in the veiled and totally unspecified threat to take some kind of “action” remains to be seen. I have to take it seriously, as these are Satanic child rapists with connections to Lizzie the Leech, paedophiles in Parliament, Jeffrey Epstein, and the Bush/Clinton/Obama cabal in the USA. They will stop at nothing to hide evidence of their crimes, as Di Spencer, Jill Dando, Seth Rich and many others would tell you if you could reach them through a medium.

Anyway, I will also publish my own response below, to make sure that everything is completely in the open and in the public domain.

Response To Government Legal Department Puerile Threat
My response to the Government Legal Department’s puerile and stupid fake “Letter Before Claim.” Any further attacks will be reported on this site

The question is, who really incited Clements to make these threats? If you take the puerile letters before claim at face value, it was Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender, whom Clements laughingly calls “The Honourable Mr Justice Lavender”, the Judicial Office for England and Wales, and the Ministry of Justice.

If that was true, it would mean that David Gauke MP (the Lord Chancellor), Richard Keen (“Lord Keen of Elie”), Robert Buckland QC MP, Paul Maynard MP, and Edward Argar MP (the MPs responsible for overseeing the Ministry of Justice), and Susan Acland-Hood, the chief executive of the Courts and Tribunals Service, are all guilty of criminal harassment. Before I make that statement as a statement of fact, however, I would need to be convinced that they had indeed procured the vile threatening behavior of Clements.

There are other possibilities. Let’s be honest – Nick the Nonce Lavender is a Satanic child rapist, a criminal perverter of judicial proceedings, and a depraved, unprincipled thug. What do you think he has in the way of moral scruples? Exactly. There is every possibility that Nick the Nonce has pretended that he has the backing of the Ministry of Justice to make his desperate attacks on web hosting providers and myself appear more forceful and credible.

To a degree, it worked. My upstream hosting provider, or at least one employee of my upstream hosting provider, did say that the Judicial Office “appeared to be serious.” Actually, to anyone versed in the law, they appear to be a bunch of clowns who can’t write a letter before claim properly, but you can’t expect a US resident who is not a trained attorney to see through this type of fake bravado in quite the same way.

Nick and his cronies must know, however, that this kind of farcical fake letter before claim is not going to have any effect on me other than to make me say “why can’t these sickos write letters properly?” So, what are they trying to do? I think the question is its own answer. They are trying to provoke uncertainty by making veiled and unspecified threats. It will not work. Yes, I’m sure they will try something. They are, after all, desperate. However, if this is the best they can do, it is like chucking a powder puff at an oncoming military tank.

So, did the Lord Chancellor and his mates in the Ministry of Justice really order a bent lawyer to produce a Beano-standard letter before claim, or is Nick the Nonce misusing their title to try to stop his own sinking ship from going down quite so fast? Only the Ministry of Justice knows the answer, and they are remaining completely silent, as is my own Member of Parliament Andrew Lewer MP.

This is nowhere near good enough. David Gauke MP needs to state unequivocally, and in plain and simple terms, whether he personally incited a bent lawyer to threaten web hosting providers in another country, and to send harassing but ultimately silly letters before claim to a publisher of factual news reports, in order to protect Satanic ritual child abusers and serial perverters of judicial claims in the courts for which he has ultimate responsibility, or whether he did not. If he did, then he is a morally degenerate criminal and his resignation is needed with the utmost urgency.

If, on the other hand, he did not, then Nick the Nonce has committed misconduct in his public office which goes even further beyond his child raping and his accepting of corrupt payments to pervert judicial proceedings. He will have unlawfully misrepresented his own employer by telling a fairy story that this employer was complicit in his own harassment and threatening behavior. This should result in Nick being removed from his judicial position, although this would certainly not obviate the necessity for a full investigation into his multiple other heinous crimes and atrocities against children.

Either way, it is essential that the Ministry of Justice makes a statement and lets the public know of its position. I will be writing a direct, open letter to the Lord Chancellor in the coming week, and I will publish both the letter and any response which is forthcoming on

High Court Judge Nicholas Lavender Jeffrey Epstein Connection

Corrupt Satanic ritual child abuser and High Court judge The Honourable Mr Justice Lavender, usually known as Nick the Nonce, is frightened now as he has never been frightened before. The Jeffrey Epstein case has hit the front pages of newspapers all over the world, and is being broadcast on everything from the fake US corporate media to the British Savile-worshipping BBC to whichever YouTube channels haven’t been censored or taken down this week. Paedophiles are, at long, long, last, in the spotlight and being revealed for what they are.

None of this is good news for The Honourable Mr Justice Lavender, who, like so many other paedophiles before and alongside him, just never believed he was ever going to get caught. Why should he? He was appointed to his position by the same Lizzie the Leech which knighted Savile, protected Chas the Jug and murdered Di Spencer, and he has the protection of the same Masonic lodges and paedophile rings which protect Parliamentary paedophiles such as Bliar and Broon, and can even pervert the course of justice for them as a thank you.

Of course, it is those same Parliamentary paedophiles which have the connection to Jeffrey Epstein. They accepted bribe money from Epstein to get his fellow paedophile Jes Staley installed as chief executive at Barclays, and that is only one among many interactions. Epstein is effectively the unelected leader of Great Britain, along with those who pull his puppet strings and operate the blackmail machine for which he is the front, and the equally vile old hag Lizzie the Leech.

For those who are not familiar with The Honourable Mr Justice Lavender, I’d better give you some background. In November and December 2016, the corrupt circus judge, Freemason and paedophile Alison “Nine-bob Note” Hampton perverted the course of justice in three claims in the County Court at Northampton. Hampton has a monthly retainer arrangement with both Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire Police to pervert the course of justice in any claim which they cannot defend honestly, and two of the claims were against the local authority.

Hampton had been made aware, in advance of the hearings, that Northampton Borough Council had filed dishonest witness statements signed with false statements of truth, and had submitted fraudulent and falsified evidence. Hampton, of course, didn’t care, and perverted the course of justice to aid and abet the contemnors. The third claim was against a private company known as Ingeus (UK) Ltd, whose child rapist chief executive Jack Sawyer is part of the same network of Masonic lodges and paedophile rings as Simon Edens, the corrupt Freemason and paedophile former Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police. Edens was in Cambridgeshire Police in 2002, and was the real Soham murderer. Sawyer had paid Ally Hampton, through Hampton’s Masonic connections to Edens, to have the course of justice perverted.

Northampton Borough Council also submitted the same fraudulent and falsified evidence to the High Court at the so-called “Royal Courts of Justice”, really the “Royal” Courts of Corruption, Criminality and Paedophilia. Master Eastman, the child rapist junior judge based in Room E116, knew that the evidence had been falsified, but deliberately perverted the course of justice to aid and abet the contemnors. He later misappropriated application papers which had been filed to a High Court judge from the West Green building, and perverted the course of justice once again.

When the appeals from all of this corruption, collusion and criminality went into the full High Court, they went to Nick the Nonce Lavender. He perverted the course of justice in four claims and five applications on the same day (16th May 2017), including two sets of Part 81 proceedings brought following the submission of the fraudulent and falsified evidence. Nick didn’t bother to invent any fairy stories to cover up for his collusion, as he doesn’t need to. In Britain’s kangaroo courts, there are “unrecorded” judgments which simply disappear into the ethers. The whole system is so corrupt no-one even cares.

Nick also made a malicious and criminal order preventing the victim of his judicial perversions from having access to the court for two years. He deliberately wrote the wrong postal address on the order so that it would not reach the victim and could not be appealed in time, he ticked the box next to ‘Court of Appeal’ in the list of courts in which the victim would not be able to make applications, even though a High Court judge has no such authority, and he did not include a date until which the order would remain in effect. This alone renders it otiose and illegal.

Nicholas Lavender Fake Order
Corrupt High Court Judge and Satanic ritual abuser of children Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender produces a malicious and blatantly illegal order to cause further harm to the victim of his crimes. Note that Nick has deliberately used the wrong address, banned the victim from using the Court of Appeal when a High Court judge has no such authority, and deliberately omitted a date until which the order will remain in effect. This alone renders it otiose and illegal.

In the last month, interesting events have started to happen. A corrupt, although completely stupid, lawyer representing the Government Legal Department issued a threat against a hosting company in the United States of America, ordering that this site and several others be taken off line. The web hosts did not give in to the bullying, and the sites are still online. What is most interesting is that the only judge who is mentioned by name as having procured the bullying is none other than Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender.

Nicholas Lavender Harassment
A pathetic excuse for a Letter Before Claim sent by a bent lawyer purportedly representing the Judicial Office for England and Wales. Note that the only judge mentioned by name is corrupt Satanic child rapist Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender.

What is even more interesting is the timing. Within THREE DAYS of Jeffrey Epstein being arrested in New York, Lavender and his cronies incite a pathetic, useless bent lawyer to attack these websites, even though these websites have been online for several years (in the case of since 2015) and even though these sites have always named Nick and outed his criminal judicial perversions since he carried them out in May 2017.

Is this a coincidence? I suppose it is technically possible, but we all know it isn’t. Nick the Nonce Lavender has launched this attack at this specific time because he is directly linked to Jeffrey Epstein, and because he knows that evidence of his child raping is about to come out. He wants to destroy anything which can be found online which provides further evidence of his criminal activity, whether it be paedophilia or simply the perversion of judicial claims.

Sorry, Nick, it is not going to work. The sites are staying online, and your Satanic child raping activity and your criminal perversions of the course of justice are going to be publicly available for good. It is the public who pay their taxes to subsidize a judicial system which is supposed to deliver fair and principled justice, and it is therefore the public to whom I owe a duty of care. If I report what I have gone through at the hands of bent kiddie fiddlers like Nick, maybe the next generation won’t have to.

The web hosting companies are not going to cave in and remove honest news reports just to aid and abet Satanic child rapists. Even if they did, I have the sites backed up several times, and a contingency plan to quickly get hosting in a country with even stronger Freedom of Speech laws than the USA. Even in the extremely unlikely event that the sites went away, they would soon be back.

I should also point out that all of the documentary evidence of Nick’s crimes is uploaded in the cloud on servers in multiple countries. Other people who hate paedophiles and who want to see the return of the Rule of Law to the British courts have access. If Nick, Eastman, Terry Etherton, or any of the other Royal Courts of Justice child rapists want to do to me what Lizzie did to Di Spencer, they should know that it will have no effect other than to reveal their sick criminality still further and hasten their demise.

Oh, I should point out that Nick has also lied to the Metropolitan Police in an attempt to get this website harmed. That didn’t work either. Now that Edens has gone, I am seeing a definite reluctance on the part of police forces to aid and abet Freemasons and paedophiles in perverting the course of justice in the criminal courts.

Nicholas Lavender Lies To Police
Why did the Metropolitan Police respond to an email which was never sent to them? Because corrupt Satanic child rapist and bent judge Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender had forwarded my Letter Before Claim to them and told them a fairy story.

You’re running out of friends, Nick, and you are running out of time. Whatever you have been doing with Jeffrey Epstein, whether it is “just” raping children on his island, or whether it is human blood sacrifices of innocent children to please Lucifer, or whether it is perverting the course of justice to aid and abet child rapists in stealing more of the public’s tax money, or using the Family Court to take harmless children from their families so they can be sold to the paedophile rings, or all of the above, know that the evidence will come out.

Nicholas Lavender Jeffrey Epstein
What have you been doing, Nick? Whatever it is, it is going to come out now that your mate Epstein is headline news.

Cell phones, video cameras and audio recorders were used on Epstein Island. There is a mountain of evidence. The Patriots have it all. As Q has repeatedly said, these people are stupid. Let them stay that way. There will be many more posts and news reports on Nick the Nonce Lavender as the cases progress.

Trump2020. WWG1WGA. Enjoy the show. Invited To Kill Master Eastman

Andrew Wardle, the owner of this website and tireless campaigner to eliminate corruption, criminality and Satanic paedophilia from the British courts, has received an extraordinary communication through the snail mail.

On 27th June 2019, I opened the door to find an envelope with a hand-written address and a postage stamp bearing Lizzie the Leech’s evil head. Extremely unusual. The only things which ever land on my floor are bills from commercial entities and useless spam. Literally no-one ever sends anything to me with hand-written envelopes or evil Lizzie postage stamps.

Just in case you are the only person in the world who hasn’t heard this – why do they put Lizzie the Leech’s head on postage stamps? Because if they put her arse on the stamps, nobody would lick them. Boom, boom. Right, now back to business.

I opened the envelope wondering what in the name of God could be inside. There were two pieces of paper, in odd shapes as they had obviously been torn from a sheet. The first bore the words “Kill him”, and, for some reason, my address. I wondered just for a moment if some joker was actually telling me to kill myself, but they weren’t. The other piece of paper bore the words “Master Eastman’s address is…..” followed by Master Eastman’s address. Then came the words “Shoot him please.”

For those who don’t know, Master Eastman is the corrupt child rapist who pollutes Room E116 at the so-called “Royal Courts of Justice”, more correctly known as the “Royal” Courts of Corruption, Criminality and Paedophilia. In January 2017, he committed two outrageous perversions of the course of justice to aid and abet a local authority whose chief executive and management organization were torturing and attempting to kill an innocent disabled human being.

Eastman knew perfectly well that the local authority had filed dishonest witness statements appended with false statements of truth, and that they had submitted fraudulent and falsified evidence to cover up the criminal and tortious acts of their so-called “Housing Choice & Resettlement Team Leader.” Nevertheless, he dismissed the claim against them having been paid to do so, and even declared it to be totally without merit. As these hearings are “private room appointments” and the judgments are never recorded, bent junior judges such as Eastman can commit any judicial perversion they like. Of course, this blatantly contravenes a litigant’s Article 6 rights, but no-one even cares.

Eastman then stole, yes STOLE, application papers from the West Green building. These were application papers which had been filed for the attention of a full High Court judge. Eastman just pilfered them, and perverted the course of justice again in yet another claim to protect the same contemnors.

Of course, he had been paid by the contemnors to do this, as the papers proved beyond doubt that fraudulent and falsified evidence had been filed in the County Court at Northampton. Bent circus judge Ally Hampton had engineered a colossal judicial perversion in that court, and it was the Part 81 contempt papers arising from that perversion which Eastman misappropriated. One Satanic paedophile protects another, protects another, protects another. That is par for the course in Britain’s sick, diseased legal system.

When the appeals from Eastman’s own perversions went to a full High Court judge, they went to corrupt child rapist Nicholas Lavender. On 16th May 2017, Nick the Nonce perverted the course of justice in four claims and five applications on the same day. He did so to protect the contemnors, to protect Hampton, to protect Eastman, and, of course, because the Satanic paedophile ring which controls the public authorities in Northampton had paid him to do so.

I have scanned the extraordinary mail I received and reproduced it below. Sadly, I need to redact Master Eastman’s address, otherwise I could just be breaking several laws. Apart from the fact that Eastman’s address has been obscured, the items I received are reproduced exactly as I received them.

Master Eastman

Will I be shooting or killing Eastman? No. Apart from the fact it is illegal, Eastman is only a minor player in the judicial corruption, criminality and Satanic paedophilia which is endemic in all of Britain’s courts and legal system. There are even more despicable characters in higher positions of authority, who deliberately place sexual deviants and grubby immoral perverts like Eastman into positions where they can take bribes and destroy lives for a reason. If you have a paedophile on your staff, you own them. You can get them to do anything you want, because if they don’t, you expose them and get rid of them. Employing paedophiles is a control mechanism.

So, the obvious question is, who would send such material through the snail mail? I don’t believe it will be another victim of Eastman’s judicial perversions, because I have received contacts from the victims of judicial perversions before, and they are always happy to communicate by email and to give their name. Only someone who is seriously frightened would dig deep into a website to discover a postal address, and then send anonymous snail mail.

I believe the material was sent by one of Eastman’s rape victims, or, possibly, the family of one of Eastman’s rape victims. Just as an outsider, it could be someone who knows where Eastman rapes children and sees the effects of what he is doing. Even in that case, though, I believe they would have come forward without being anonymous. No, this is someone with the most direct connection possible to Eastman’s crimes, who is mentally oppressed and too petrified to come forward and tell what they know in person.

That is understandable. Satanic child abuse victims are often murdered if they do speak out. Eastman, Lavender, Etherton and their cronies have contacts in high places, including Lizzie’s Buckingham Palace criminal gang and the Parliamentary paedophiles. Very few victims are in a mental state to speak out, and even fewer will do so even when a media opportunity is presented to them. It probably took a great deal of mental bravery to even write that anonymous note and send it to a webmaster in a distant town.

I will probably never know the answer, but, if anyone has any more information they are welcome to contact me. I will do everything I can to help the abuse survivor get appropriate help, and I will offer whatever assistance is desired in getting their story out into the open. Publicity itself can be a healing tool, although it takes extreme courage to avail yourself of it. Stay safe, and please get the help you need.

David Gauke MP (the Lord Chancellor), Richard Keen (“Lord Keen of Elie”), Robert Buckland QC MP, Paul Maynard MP, and Edward Argar MP (the MPs responsible for overseeing the Ministry of Justice), and Susan Acland-Hood, the chief executive of the Courts and Tribunals Service, are all aware of the envelope I have received, and its contents. They are also aware that Eastman is part of a Satanic paedophile ring which controls the Royal Courts of Justice, and which routinely perverts judicial claims to aid and abet other Satanic paedophiles at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Do they care? We will see. I am in the process of writing to them to elicit their comments, and any comments which are received will be published on