Chief Executive Paedophiles

In addition to the plague of bent judges which pollutes all levels of the British judiciary, Britain is also plagued with a plethora of Satanic child rapist chief executives of major corporations. Many of these Luciferian paedophile chief executives have been leveraged into position by convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein bribing child rapist Members of Parliament.

The following list of corrupt kiddie fiddler chief executives is extensive, but by no means exhaustive. It includes chief executives of companies which usurp millions of pounds from the taxpayer under the false pretence of providing government services through outsourcing, chief executives of major banks which are involved in money laundering and illegal price fixing as well as the organized Satanic ritual abuse of children, and chief executives who are involved in narcotics importing and drug trafficking for the Lizzie the Leech/Phil the Pirate/Buckingham Palace heroin importing cartel.

Jack Sawyer, chief executive officer, Ingeus (UK) Ltd

Jack Sawyer, often known as Jack “Bent Lawyer” Sawyer due to him employing corrupt contemnor and fellow paedophile Matthew “Far-Fetched Fairytale” Flood to lie in court and pervert judicial proceedings, and also often known as Jack “Back Attack” Sawyer due to his penchant for buggering under-age boys, is the chief executive officer of Ingeus (UK) Ltd.

He is intimately connected to the former Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, Simon “Paedo” Edens, who was in Cambridgeshire Police in 2002, and who was the real murderer of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells in Soham in August 2002. In February 2016, Edens accepted bribe money from Sawyer to have an innocent victim assaulted and falsely imprisoned on nonsensical trumped-up charges. Edens intended at the time to make this victim a minor version of wrongly convicted Ian Huntley, but, for some still unknown reason, he and his co-conspirators wimped out of a malicious prosecution.

Sawyer has paid bent lawyers to lie on statements of case in the County Court and High Court, he has paid his own employees to lie on witness statements signed with false statements of truth, he has paid bent paedophile lawyer Gary Coleman of Pinsent Masons LLP to forge and falsify a court order to have judicial proceedings perverted, and he has directly paid bent judges at all levels of the judiciary to pervert judicial claims. The bent judges he has paid include circus judges Alison Hampton, Brian Rawlings and Ian Murdoch, High Court judges Nicholas Lavender and Michael Soole, and Court of Appeal judge Nicholas Hamblen.

A full account of Jack Sawyer’s criminal activity and perversion of judicial proceedings can be found here –

Jes Staley, chief executive, Barclays Bank PLC

Jes Staley, the corrupt money launderer, price fixer and serial child rapist who is chief executive of Barclays Bank PLC, usually known as “Sharklays”, is one of the paedophiles who has been manoeuvred into position by Jeffrey Epstein and his ability to bribe the paedophiles in the British Parliament.

Staley has been able to bribe bent judges at all levels of the judiciary right up to the Lord Chief Justice himself, usually in conjunction with chief executives of other banking conglomerates who were colluding with him to pervert the course of justice. Much of this corruption has been to prevent victims of illegal price fixing of precious metals prices from obtaining redress or justice.

In July 2017, Staley personally forged a bank statement which purported to be mine, so that I could be harassed and tormented on the back of an alleged debt which did not exist, and which had never existed. He did this to aid and abet Sawyer in his criminal activity, as Sawyer has provoked multiple fellow paedophile chief executives to attack me in various ways. The only problem is, Jessy darling, that you botched the forgery so badly it has two account numbers on it!

Nathan Bostock, chief executive, Santander (UK) Ltd

Nathan Bostock, the corrupt paedophile chief executive of Santander (UK) Ltd, usually known as “Satandire”, is now a very worried kiddie fiddler. He has sent me letters threatening to harm my banking facilities without cause or reason, following my exposure of Staley and Epstein in two Calderbank offers made to settle legal cases.

Yes, that is interesting. I referenced Staley, the chief executive of a purported competitor, and Epstein, the American convicted paedophile who has now been arrested and charged again, but not Bostock or Satandire, in those Calderbank offers.

A clever chief executive Satanic paedophile would have kept quiet, wouldn’t they?

This tells me that Bostock is so intimately linked to the crimes of Staley and Epstein that he desperately needs to attack anyone who is exposing the crimes of Staley and Epstein, otherwise, why bother? Why get involved in the exposure of criminal activity of a competitor, and why get involved in the exposure of the paedophile activity of a convicted child rapist who has been arrested in another country?

Bostock is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and is unnecessarily exposing himself and his Satanic paedophile activity, and generating unnecessary publicity for himself. He must know that this will probably lead to his downfall.

His equally corrupt paedophile mate Perry Charles-Jones is also not the sharpest knife in the drawer. In October 2018, he falsified evidence and committed bank fraud to cover up for the fact that his bank had fraudulently accused me of making a credit card payment out of time. Charles-Jones did refund the “late payment fee” to stop the immediate issuance of proceedings, but had he been prepared to admit the bank’s wrongdoing and offer a reasonable sum in compensation, he could have kept the bank’s name, his own name, and Bostock’s name off this site, and prevented Bostock and himself being publicly exposed as child rapists. Not clever.

John Hutson, chief executive, JD Wetherspoon PLC

In August 2018, Sawyer paid his fellow Freemason and paedophile John Hutson money to have me assaulted and abused in a customer lavatory in a public house in Bournemouth. The two thugs who carried out the attack have since been named as Gemma Evans and Dan Bickle.

Hutson is a drug trafficker who uses JD Wetherspoon PLC as a cover for his narcotics trafficking enterprise. The narcotics are imported into Great Britain by Phil the Pirate (among others) using Royal Navy ships, before being transported throughout the country to Hutson’s public houses. They are then sold on a wholesale basis to local drug dealers who sell them to end users on the street.

Hutson is also a child rapist, and is able to use his contacts in Freemasonry and paedophilia to force local authorities to give him extremely generous terms in taking over large buildings which previously had very different uses, and planning permission which honest retailers would never be able to get.

When the case against JD Wetherspoon PLC based on the assault committed by Evans and Bickle went into the court, Martin Nicholas McKenna, the Designated Civil Judge at Birmingham Civil Justice Centre, who is himself a child rapist connected to Simon Brown and a boy’s school in Bedford, perverted the course of justice by dismissing the claim for no reason without a hearing even though the case had been reserved to an apparently straight district judge for a hearing the following month.

There is not even any pretence at justice or following the Rules any more. If a Satanic child abuser like Hutson needs the course of justice perverting, McKenna will just do that brazenly, obviously and openly, without even attempting to cover up his crime. He knows that the entire British government is controlled by the Deep State and Satanic paedophiles, so why even try to cover anything up?

This list will be added to as is necessary.