Circuit Judge Paedophiles

This page will showcase the criminal activity of corrupt circuit judges, which sit in the county court and sometimes as judges of the High Court. These include Alison “Nine-bob Note” Hampton, who attempted to convey a false sense of responsibility by co-authoring a guide for litigants in person, but who has a monthly retainer arrangement in place with both Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire Police to pervert any claim or application which they cannot defend honestly, Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings, based in Stoke-on-Trent but part of the paedophile ring which controls Birmingham Civil “Justice” Centre, and Ian “Yellow Belly” Murdoch, a nonce who was only appointed as a circus judge in Birmingham in early 2018, but who has already committed the most crude acts possible to pervert judicial claims and protect his fellow Freemasons and paedophiles.