HHJ Ian Alexander Murdoch

This page will feature a biography of Ian Alexander “Yellow Belly” Murdoch, a Freemason and paedophile circus judge who perverted a judicial claim against his fellow Freemason and paedophile Simon Edens in the most gratuitous and extreme manner possible. He dismissed a jury from a claim in which a jury trial was a legal requirement, to prevent Edens’ criminal and tortious activity, and his involvement in Satanic paedophilia, from becoming public knowledge.

He then awarded a derisory sum in damages to the claimant, before making a malicious costs order against the “successful” litigant to wipe out the award.

I don’t believe, however, that Murdoch was paid by Edens. I believe he was paid by Jack Sawyer, the criminal chief executive of a private company known as Ingeus (UK) Ltd.

Why do I believe this? Firstly, Sawyer paid Edens the initial bribe to have an innocent person assaulted and falsely imprisoned, from which the action arose in the first place. Sawyer doesn’t care about money because he can just steal it from the taxpayer any time he needs it.

Secondly, Sawyer’s private company budget comes under far less scrutiny than a police budget, even though the money is misappropriated from the public purse under false pretences. Sawyer had just as much incentive as Edens to see the course of justice perverted, as it was his criminal act which would have been exposed in public had the truth come out.