The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Rabinder Singh

This page will feature a biography of Lord Justice “Rapin’” Rabinder Singh, a Freemason and paedophile judge who was promoted to Lord Justice following a despicable career as a High Court Judge of the Administrative Court in Birmingham.

Singh perverted two Part 54 claims in which I was the victim. One application for leave to bring a claim against the (apparently now former) Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, Simon Edens, himself a criminal Freemason and paedophile, was deliberately wrongly decided by Singh himself.

Another claim against Northampton Borough Council, whose former chief executive David Kennedy is also heavily involved in Satanic ritual child abuse and the perverting of judicial proceedings through Masonic lodges and paedophile rings, was wrongly diverted by Singh to London so that Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender could pervert it in conjunction with multiple private law claims and applications.

Singh was responsible for the creation of corrupt law firm Matrix Chambers, whose Freemason and paedophile bent lawyer Daryl Hutcheon was involved in the perversion of the claims in London, as well as another, at the time unrelated, claim in Birmingham.