The Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Sir Nicholas Hamblen

Sir Nicholas Hamblen, styled as the Rt. Hon. Lord Justice Hamblen, but usually known as “Nick the Nonce II” (pronounced “nik-thu-nonss-thu-SEK-und”) is a corrupt Satanic Freemason and paedophile bent judge who perverts claims and appeals in the Court of Appeal.

If you are wondering why he is known as “Nick the Nonce II”, it is because Sir Nicholas Lavender, a bent paedophile judge of the High Court, was exposed as a Freemason and kiddie fiddler long before Hamblen. With the name “Nick the Nonce” already taken, but with the epithet so appropriate for its new beholder, there was no alternative but to add a number.

Hamblen is part of the Masonic lodge and paedophile ring which controls the Royal Courts of Justice, of which the Master of the Rolls, the Rt. Hon. Sir Terence “Terry the Perv” Etherton is the controller and leading member.

Perverted Judicial Appeal

On 19th March 2018, I personally filed an appeal, and an application to join thirty new defendants to an existing claim. The affidavit and exhibit which were filed in support of the applications came to over 1950 pages.

Four of the new proposed defendants were bent judges who had perverted the course of justice in previous claims, applications and appeals, including the claim from which the appeal arose. These were “Master” Eastman from Room E116 at the Royal Courts of Justice, Alison “Nine-bob Note” Hampton, a bent circus judge who operates from Leicester but who also sits at Northampton, Sir Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender, a drunken pervert of the High Court, and Brian “The Boy Buggerer” Rawlings, a bent nonce who is based in Stoke-on-Trent but who is part of the Masonic lodge and paedophile ring which controls Birmingham Civil Justice Centre.

Other proposed defendants included bent lawyers from disreputable law firms Pinsent Masons LLP, Cornerstone Barristers, Matrix Chambers (founded by the paedophile Rabinder Singh who is now also a bent Lord Justice of Appeal), and St Philips Chambers, and many employees of Northampton Borough Council and its vile ALMO Northampton Partnership Homes Ltd.

The appeal was continually hampered by corrupt and criminal employees in the Civil Appeals Office, all of whom were ordered to commit these heinous acts by the pervert Sir Terence Etherton. They include Case Progression Officer Steve “Blatant Lie” Tai, the Court of Appeal’s Listing Manager Ross Kitley, and the Civil Appeals Master Meacher, who told multiple lies and continually ordered me to submit spurious and unnecessary applications in order to delay the case.

It is obvious that Terry the Perv was finding it difficult to get hold of a bent Lord Justice who would be prepared to dismiss my appeal and refuse leave to put it before the Court, for nonsensical and obviously untenable reasons. Whoever did so would obviously be exposing themselves permanently in writing as a Freemason and a paedophile. Finally, on 5th October 2018, Sir Nicholas Hamblen either volunteered to be exposed, or was forced at the point of a gun by Etherton and the controllers of the lodge and ring to pervert the course of justice.

Either way, Terry would not have been able to coerce Nick into committing a serious criminal offence unless he had something on him. The case against Nick is proven either way, although it is obvious that Terry and his gang are just about done. This is not the only case which they have perverted, not by a very long way, and the truth is being forced to the surface at an alarming rate.

Whatever happens next, it is certain that the Rt. Hon. Sir Nicholas Hamblen has just committed judicial suicide. Putting your name and signature on a court document which you know contains nonsensical and ridiculous lies designed only to cause extreme harm to an innocent court user and to protect criminal Freemasons and paedophiles who have already been exposed, at a time when exposures are accelerating and coming to a head, can only result in your inevitable exposure as a criminal perverter of judicial proceedings, a Satanic Freemason, and a serial child rapist.