Google Protects Northamptonshire Paedophile Ring

The corrupt and criminal “tech giant” Google, which is currently manipulating search results to try to cover up the extensive connection between convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Clinton, has previously harmed web properties belonging to in order to protect a Northamptonshire paedophile ring which was, and still is, torturing and attempting to kill an innocent disabled human being.

Google prevented videos demonstrating the criminal and tortious activity of the Satanic paedophile former chief executive of Northampton Borough Council, David “Depravid” Kennedy, and a corrupt and dishonest investigator from the Local Government Ombudsman, Neil “Big Black Lie” Mackay, from displaying in the United Goondom. These “tech giants” are now under the microscope as they are being sued in multiple actions for large sums of money, and litigation remains a serious possibility in the future, especially if Google commits further attacks on web properties controlled by

The chief executive of Google in the United Goondom is aware of this site, and of the Satanic paedophiles his organization has committed criminal and tortious acts to protect. He is, as are all of these despicable perverts now that Epstein has been arrested, maintaining total silence.

The Northamptonshire paedophile ring which Google colluded to protect includes a vicious bent judge who was protected in turn by Nick the Nonce Lavender, the bent paedophile High Court Judge who has attacked this website by inciting the Government Legal Department to tell lies to a web host in another country, numerous employees of Northampton Borough Council and its Arms Length Management Organization Northampton Partnership Homes Ltd, and Simon “Paedo” Edens, the corrupt paedophile former Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, who was responsible for the murder of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells in Soham in August 2002, a crime for which the innocent Ian Huntley has now served nearly 20 years in prison.

This is a list of the Freemasons and paedophiles in the Northamptonshire paedophile ring, but it is not complete. I know other names are involved, but I need evidence before I include them. I have made this a static page so I can update it as needed.

Alison “Nine-bob Note” Hampton

Alison Hampton, also known as HHJ Hampton, is a corrupt and criminal circus judge who perverts judicial claims in the County Court at Leicester and at Northampton. On 8th November 2016, Hampton deliberately and maliciously perverted two judicial claims to allow thugs and Satanic paedophiles from the local authority to continue torturing and attempting to kill a disabled human being as part of their Masonic “credo.”

On 13th December 2016, Hampton perverted an application to protect the corrupt Freemason and paedophile Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, Simon Edens, who had accepted bribe money from another Satanic paedophile, the chief executive of Ingeus (UK) Ltd, Jack Sawyer, in order to have an innocent victim assaulted and falsely imprisoned. Hampton also perverted the underlying claim against Ingeus (UK) Ltd, having been paid by Edens and Sawyer to do so.

Hampton had a monthly retainer arrangement with both Northampton Borough Council and Northamptonshire Police to pervert the course of justice in any claim or application which they cannot defend honestly. Whether the arrangement with Northamptonshire Police is still under place under new Chief Constable Nick Adderley is not known. Adderley is maintaining total silence over all of the corruption and criminality which existed under Edens.

Simon “Paedo” Edens

Simon Edens was in Cambridgeshire Police in 2002. On 4th August 2002, he raped, tortured and killed two schoolgirls, Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, in Soham as part of a sick Masonic orgy. Or, at least, he abducted them in Soham. The bodies were discovered by a jogger in woods near Newmarket, and it is almost certain that he raped and murdered the girls there.

When the jogger discovered the bodies, he reported them to the police. The police knew that they needed to cover up the location and origin of the bodies, so they stonewalled for thirteen hours before telling the media a fairy story that the shallow graves in which the bodies were found were “badger setts.”

What is the probability that trained police officers would take 13 hours to determine that genuine badger setts were in fact badger setts? Obviously, the probability is zero. The police took 13 hours to remove the bodies under cover and to destroy any incriminating evidence, including forensic evidence.

The bodies were then removed under cover to Lakenheath so that an innocent man named Ian Huntley could be framed and fitted up. Despicably, Mr. Huntley remains in prison after 17 years for the crime committed by the Freemason and Satanic paedophile Simon Edens.

In February 2016, Jack Sawyer of Ingeus (UK) Ltd paid Edens money to have an innocent victim assaulted and falsely imprisoned. Edens paid junior officers to carry out the attack, but for some unknown reason they pulled out of a malicious prosecution.

Edens suddenly retired when he became scared and knew that I would discover his Cambridgeshire connection and do the research necessary to confirm him as the Soham murderer. This sudden retirement makes no difference. The evidence of his crimes is extensive enough for him to be tried and convicted at the point where a non-corrupt judiciary in established in England and Wales.

David “Depravid” Kennedy

The former chief executive of Northampton Borough Council is a Freemason, a paedophile, and a contemnor in judicial proceedings. At the time of deliberately perverting the course of justice in November 2016, Hampton already knew that Kennedy had told multiple lies on the defence to cover up his criminal and tortious acts. Hampton has a monthly retainer with Northampton Borough Council and deliberately perverted the course of justice to protect Kennedy.

Michael “Cry Baby” Kay

This sick child rapist and liar is the chief executive of Northampton Partnership Homes Ltd, the local authority’s ALMO. He routinely uses the housing shortage in Northampton as an excuse to torment, maltreat and abuse vulnerable people, and from 2015 onwards he has been torturing and attempting to kill an innocent disabled victim in furtherance of his perverted Masonic “creed.” He is also deliberately trying to force a partially-sighted man to go completely blind, as an extension of his child-raping activity and his devotion to the Luciferian agenda.

In 2016, he told multiple lies on a defence in a judicial claim in order to cover up for this activity. He colluded in deceit and the criminal perversion of the course of justice with Hampton, and then with Nick the Nonce Lavender, the sick child-raping pervert who has now provoked a direct attack on this website by the corrupt and criminal Government Legal Department. Part 81 proceedings for contempt of court were correctly brought, but Kay has contacts in the courts through Freemasonry and paedophilia and the proceedings were buried by Lavender.

Francis “Underhanded” Fernandes

The Borough Secretary of Northampton blatantly lied on a statement of case in a defamation claim arising from the lies Kennedy told to Google in 2015. He then filed a dishonest witness statement signed with a false statement of truth in January 2017 as part of collusion with Satanic paedophile “Master” Eastman. The collusion was intended to bury the legitimate Part 81 claims which had been brought as a result of the contempts of Kennedy and Kay in 2016, and it did so with the help of sick paedophile High Court Judge Nick the Nonce Lavender.

James “Sad Dick” Chadwick

This Freemason and paedophile bent lawyer stayed hidden until 2018, when he began orchestrating extreme judicial perversions in an attempt to force an innocent victim of Kay and Kennedy to lose their address, and consequently their ability to litigate.

Chadwick has lied to the Social Entitlement of the First-Tier Tribunal, has colluded in deceit with Freemasons and paedophiles in the Valuation Tribunal, including Vice-President Alfred V Clark and President Gary JR Garland, and has also colluded with bent High Court judge Jonathan Swift in blocking two judicial reviews and a statutory appeal against the same victim.

Evidence proves that there is a connection between Chadwick and the sick child rapist Master of the Rolls Terry Etherton, as Chadwick was instrumental in getting Terry to illegally block and hamper an appeal in the Court of Appeal. Exactly what that connection is has yet to be established.

There are many others involved in the Northamptonshire Satanic paedophile ring. Names will be added on an ongoing basis.