Government Legal Department Lies To Web Host To Protect Paedophiles

The Government Legal Department, and specifically bent lawyer Caroline Clements, has lied to a web hosting provider located in a foreign country in order to protect the Satanic paedophile rings which control the Royal Courts of Justice and Birmingham Civil Justice Centre.

On Tuesday, 9th July 2019, Clements sent a letter containing nothing but blatant deceit to the web host streaming the Judicial Paedos and Ignoramus Abuse websites, demanding that the sites be taken down. The letter is shown below.


The lies are obvious, but, just for the benefit of those who may be new to the site, I will outline them in detail. Firstly, the headline states “Websites in breach of your acceptable use policy.” Clements and the Government Legal Department obviously know that none of the quoted websites breach any acceptable use policy, nor come close to breaching any acceptable use policy.

The first paragraph reveals that it is Nick the Nonce Lavender, laughingly styled as “The Honourable Mr Justice Lavender”, and the despicable Judicial Office for England and Wales who have procured this threatening behaviour and deceit. For those who don’t know, Lavender is the child rapist High Court Judge who, on 16th May 2017, deliberately perverted the course of justice in four claims and five applications on the same day, all to harm the same innocent litigant.

Lavender carried out these perversions to protect a Northamptonshire paedophile ring which was, and still is, torturing and attempting to kill an innocent disabled human being. This paedophile ring includes multiple employees of Northampton Borough Council, named in this post, the corrupt circus judge Alison “Nine-bob Note” Hampton, who routinely perverts judicial claims in Northampton County Court, “Master” Eastman, the bent paedophile “junior judge” based in Room E116 at the Royal Courts of Justice, and Simon Edens, the bent paedophile former Chief Constable of Northamptonshire Police, who was in Cambridgeshire Police in 2002, and who was the real killer of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells in Soham in August 2002.

The letter quotes the acceptable use policy of the hosting provider accurately, but then descends into nonsensical unspecified hyperbole. None of the quoted websites “clearly breach section 3 of [the] policy”, or even come remotely close to breaching it. They simply report the truth about the serious crimes committed by the corrupt judges and child rapists which control the Royal Courts of Justice and Birmingham Civil Justice Centre. The author of the letter doesn’t like the fact that this criminal activity has been publicized.

The following sentences are accurate. “The websites accuse Mr Justice Lavender and other senior members of the Judiciary of England and Wales of serious misconduct in office, fraud and other criminal offences. The websites repeatedly accuse the Judges of paedophilia.” These statements accurately sum up the content of this and the other websites, while conveniently leaving out the fact that all of the allegations on this and the other sites are completely true and provable.

“There is clearly no factual basis for these allegations…” Are you taking the wee? The author of this letter, and Nick the Nonce, are in possession of all of the evidence which proves everything which is stated on the site. Nick was even responsible for much, if not most, of the criminal activity, so how can he possibly be unaware of it? The author of the letter has told this blatant lie with the deliberate malicious intent of harming a publisher of factual information, in direct contravention of multiple laws.

The statement “the author appears to a Court user who is unhappy with the outcome of legal matters
in which he is involved” is obviously correct, but it fails to address the issue of WHY the Court user is “unhappy.” The reason is because multiple claims and applications have been deliberately and maliciously perverted in the County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal by bent judges who are Freemasons and paedophiles, and who have brazenly perverted the course of justice to protect other Freemasons and paedophiles who paid them to do so.

The hysteria continues, “It is clear and obvious that, at the very least, the content of these websites amounts to harassment and abuse of the named individuals.” Oh, really? How many sane or rational individuals would consider the reporting of accurate facts concerning extreme malfeasance and corruption in the highest level of the judiciary, and the Satanic ritual abuse of innocent children by those with a remit to adjudicate the law, to be “harassment” or “abuse” of the criminals responsible?

What is “harassment” and “abuse” is the pitiful, snivelling attempt by a bent lawyer to harm a publisher of factual information, simply because they are being paid by criminals and child rapists to do so.

The site is also obviously not “defamatory” or “homophobic”, which is in itself a subversive word invented by perverts to push the child-raping agenda. In order for content to be defamatory, it must first pass a test of being untrue. Nothing on this, or any other of my websites, passes that test. Clements, please go back to law skool and try to learn something this time.

The only known knob jockey or rug muncher I have referenced on the site is the Master of the Rolls, Sir Terence “Terry the Perv” Etherton. It is not the fact that he is a knob jockey that is the problem. It is the fact that he is a criminal perverter of judicial proceedings and a serial ritual abuser of innocent children. Being a knob jockey is legal, being a bent kiddie fiddler is not. If I have exposed bent judges and child rapists who are presumably not knob jockeys in exactly the same way as I’ve exposed one who is, how can I possibly be discriminating?

The last two paragraphs are a sickening grovel to the web hosting company, and then a meaningless threat. The United States of America is a proper country. It is not some pathetic, useless, sickening excuse for a third-world banana monarchy where the unelected Head of State is themselves a murderer, drug trafficker and child rapist. There is a Constitution, and the law is more than just a meaningless decoration to be used only when it suits the controlling elite.

Pathetic, Isn’t It?

That the Judicial Office for England and Wales should openly and brazenly partake in criminal and tortious activity to cover up for the crimes of those for whom it has responsibility is beyond despicable. This is the controlling hub of a judicial system which adjudicates claims on which human lives and millions of pounds in currency depend. It has a great and overpowering responsibility towards every citizen of England and Wales, and it reacts to that responsibility by attacking innocent publishers, covering up judicial perversions, and aiding and abetting corruption and the Satanic ritual abuse of innocent children.

Jeffrey Epstein – Isn’t The Timing Interesting?

Isn’t the timing of this pathetic attack interesting? These apologists for bent judges and Satanic ritual abusers of children made their pathetic and useless attack three days after the arrest of billionaire American pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Isn’t it fascinating that Nick the Nonce Lavender is specifically mentioned by name in the offending communication? I take that to mean that there is a direct connection between Epstein and Nick the Nonce, or at least between Epstein and someone who is intrinsically linked to Nick the Nonce.

Google, the same corrupt and evil “tech giant” which is already manipulating the search results to try to obfuscate the long and extensive connection between Epstein and the Clinton cabal, has previously harmed my web properties to cover up for Satanic paedophiles who were torturing and attempting to kill an innocent disabled human being. It will not succeed, as there are a great many honest and decent publishers making people aware of the truth. See the home page for details of other honest publishers.

Deep State websites are already removing and attempting to hide any images which show paedophiles connected to Epstein in the vicinity of their own puppets. This will also not succeed, as the Patriots and those who are about to bring down the Deep State already have all of the relevant information. Cell phones were allowed on Epstein island, and there will be more than enough evidence to achieve the necessary end.

Britain’s corrupt and criminal so-called “Royal family” have already been named in conjunction with Epstein, and that is by American publishers who couldn’t care less about some morally bankrupt gulag thousands of miles across the ocean. Those of us who are closer to home know that the truth about Phil the Pirate’s heroin trafficking ring, Lizzie the Leech’s murder of Di Spencer, and Chas the Jug’s extensive involvement with Savile will come out soon enough.

Now, what do we have here? We have criminal bent judges, and even more despicable criminals who are directly responsible for them, and Satanic ritual abusers of children, who have absolute control over the court system and the right to use it at will, as well as control over billions of pounds in ill-gotten gains, telling fairy stories to a web hosting company in a foreign country in a pitiful attempt to harm one little guy’s website on which the truth happens to be published.

These scum are not only depraved, evil and sick in a way which the majority of humanity cannot even understand, they are pathetic, useless and utterly stupid.

The site is still here, and the paedos know they are finished.


They will not stop.

They are desperate.

They know the truth about Nick the Nonce and Epstein, and other bent judges and those running the 100% corrupt British judiciary and Epstein, AND of course the truth about the so-called “Royal family” and Epstein, WILL COME OUT, and IS ABOUT TO COME OUT.

Look at this –


Of course, this establishes a tort of harassment and is blatantly illegal. It also directly violates my human rights.

They will stop at nothing until they are stopped.

They will all be stopped very soon, and they know it.

Let the sickos keep exposing themselves.

Enjoy the show.