Sir Michael Soole

This page will feature a biography of Sir Michael “Bend Over The Stool” Soole, a bent Freemason and paedophile High Court Judge who perverted two judicial claims against myself in the Birmingham District Registry.

One was a claim against a private company known as Ingeus (UK) Ltd, which usurps millions of pounds from the public purse under the false pretence of providing “services” to the unemployed. Its chief executive, Jack Sawyer, just happens to be a Freemason and paedophile.

The other claim was perverted by being sent to London so that Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender could pervert it at the same time as multiple others.

Another Satanic paedophile based in Birmingham at the time, Rapin’ Rabinder Singh, diverted a Part 54 claim to London at the same time.

The collusion proves that Lavender, Soole, Singh, and the Freemasons and paedophiles in both Northampton Borough Council and Ingeus (UK) Ltd had planned the entire corrupt disposal of multiple valid claims at the same time. More recent events seem to prove that Sir Terence Etherton, the corrupt Satanic paedophile Master of the Rolls, and a bent lawyer from Northampton Borough Council known as James Chadwick had also colluded prior to these incidents.