Member of Parliament Paedophiles

There are a lot of Satanic paedophiles in Parliament who are very frightened right now.

They all have direct connections to Jeffrey Epstein, as they accepted bribes from Epstein to install Jes Staley into position as chief executive of Barclays Bank.

The information which should have been available for disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act has all mysteriously disappeared……

Now, Andrew Lewer MP, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Northampton South, is maintaining total silence over his own involvement in the Northamptonshire paedophile ring run by Alison Hampton and the Soham murderer Simon Edens. He is also turning a blind eye to blatant criminality, collusion and victimization of one his constituents by the Satanic paedophile Master of the Rolls, Terry Etherton, in the so-called “Royal Courts of Justice.”

Silence speaks louder than words, doesn’t it, Andy?

More on him to come.

David Gauke MP (the Lord Chancellor), Richard Keen (“Lord Keen of Elie”), Robert Buckland QC MP, Paul Maynard MP, Edward Argar MP, and Susan Acland-Hood, the chief executive of the Courts and Tribunals Service, are all maintaining apparent silence over the child raping, blatant perversions of the course of justice, and victimization of litigants who don’t happen to be Freemasons or paedophiles in the courts for which they have ultimate responsibility, although it is possible that they have been threatening and harassing web hosting companies in the USA and the owner of this website in order to cover up judicial corruption and paedophilia.

I say possible, because although the childish “letter before claim” which both my web hosting provider and I have been sent by bent Government Legal Department lawyer Caroline Clements mentions the “Judicial Office” and the “Ministry of Justice”, I have no conclusive evidence that these Members of Parliament are directly involved.

There is every possibility that corrupt Satanic child rapist High Court Judge Nicholas “Nick the Nonce” Lavender, who is panicking more than ever right now as he has a direct connection to the Epstein case, used the names “Judicial Office” and “Ministry of Justice” in order to make his own puerile threats appear more substantial. If that is the case, the responsibility is upon the Members of Parliament with direct responsibility for the judiciary to confirm this, and to distance themselves from Nick the Nonce. They will be asked directly to do exactly that, and all correspondence will be published on

There will be a lot more coming soon….